Trekstor i.beat cebrax MP3 Player 2GB with FM Radio, Voice Recording - £2.99 at Gamestation

Trekstor i.beat cebrax MP3 Player 2GB with FM Radio, Voice Recording - £2.99 at Gamestation

Found 8th May 2010Made hot 8th May 2010
Probs awful but for £2.99.............


Nice find. You can get a couple of pence back through quidco as well. Just ordered 2, cheaper than a 2gb pen drive just a shame the 4gb had sold out already. Heat added

orderd 1. hope to get this or the 4GD thats just gone out of stock. both look like misprices (though this 1 COULD be genuine)

Thanks Purchased 1


nice find

Great find, good stocking fillers. Yes I have started early this year. Heat is yours. Thankyou.

Ordered and heat added:-D Thanks:thumbsup:

Ordered and added heat. If nothing else I can use it whilst jogging. Thanks



all gone now.

Out of stock

grrrrrrrrrrrrrr OOS

thanx op ordered two earlier!!!

Got my 2 today but no radio function

got mine today but no radio function still happy though sound quaility is good and can be used for data all good for £2.99

Yes, arrived today - no radio - called gamestation (owned by game) and they agree it was listed as the FM but no radio.

Ask me to send back for refund.

Receipt and order both say the FM version... Bit of a con calling it the FM but then no radio (the reason I bought it).

How do we stand legally as everything says FM until it arrived?

Im sending both of mine back for a refund as i wanted the radio function, did anyone take a screenshot as im sure it said there was a radio in specs or maybe ijust thought there was as op incorrectly stated it ,easy mistake to make i guess FM very very misleading and for that reason they are going back

I have an image - the page is still available plus they state FM on email confirmation and Receipt.

I asked what FM indicated if not a radio they failed to answer.

The enclosed instructions indicate two models iBeat cebrax and iBeat cerbrax FM (with radio).
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