Tremors - triple pack - 1-3 DVD Boxset only £5.95 delivered + Quidco!
Tremors - triple pack - 1-3 DVD Boxset only £5.95 delivered + Quidco!

Tremors - triple pack - 1-3 DVD Boxset only £5.95 delivered + Quidco!

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Packed with the three creature features, TREMORS, TREMORS 2 - AFTERSHOCKS and TREMORS 3 - BACK TO PERFECTION
Tremors: They say there's nothing new under the sun. But under the ground...

Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward star as two country handymen who lead a cast of zany characters to safety in this exciting sci-fi creature comedy. Just as Val McKee (Bacon) and Earl Basset (Ward) decide to leave Perfection, Nevada, strange rumblings prevent their departure. With the help of a shapely seismology student (Finn Carter), they discover their desolate town is infested with gigantic man-eating creatures that live below the ground.

(Dir. Ron Underwood, 1989)

Tremors 2: The giant underground creatures that terrorized a desert town in Tremors are now plowing their way through Mexican oil fields, gobbling up everything and everyone around - and only one man can stop them!

In the style of its predecessor, this comedy sci-fi creature-feature reunites Fred Ward as down-on-his-luck Earl Basset and Michael Gross as gung-ho survivalist Burt Gummer, two desert desperados who take on the task of destroying the monsters. Partnered with them is Christopher Gartin, a young guy in need of kicks, cash, and a career change, and Helen Shaver, a sexy and intrepid scientist who's seen it all...until now. Together they devise an ingenious plan for tracking and killing the creatures. Tremors 2 is filled with high speed action and plenty of laughs - until the predators wise up.

(Dir. S. S. Wilson, 1995)

Tremors 3: Burt Grummer returns after travelling abroad killing carnivorous giant worms called 'Graboids' and their offspring to life in his home town and must deal with some crooked land developers, a thrill-seeking guy named Jack Sawyer looking for wealth in this potential tourist town, and a new strain of Graboids...

(Dir. Brent Maddock, 2001)


What about Tremors 4!


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Mire Mare;1486933

What about Tremors 4!MM

Cheaper to buy on its own with this boxset!:thumbsup:

Mire Mare;1486933

What about Tremors 4!MM

i find it best to ignore tremors 4...

Yep I have had all 4 movies for ages and funnily enough have never gotten around to watching 4!

Another cult classic turned dodgy franchise!


EXPIRED. Already.

Is on play for 7.99 for those who missed it:


Edit: Or not - I tried to buy it myself and they upped the price to £14.99. Ah well.
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