Trespass "Hollow" feather & down gilet . Flint or Black (all sizes) £24.99 @ Trespass outlet EBay

Trespass "Hollow" feather & down gilet . Flint or Black (all sizes) £24.99 @ Trespass outlet EBay

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Found 19th Nov 2016
Don't forget 10% TCB today to knock another £2.50 off .

Great fleece, a steal at this price. Got mine last week and it is excellent quality and very warm . Please note it also has a zip inner pocket for your wallet/phone or whatever, not mentioned in the description, I was well chuffed to find that .
I don't believe the RRP of £99.99 but they are selling them for £27.99 in their stores . I reckon its about £50 quids worth of gilet - still a great buy .
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cheaper on m and m dirext

cheaper on m and m dirext

Do pay attention to the description please (_;) The one for £19.99 on M&M is the Trespass "Clasp" with thin synthetic filling - not the feather and down filling this one- the "Hollow" has Like the difference between buying a feather and down duvet or a cheap polyester filled one .

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Awful cheap make.

Awful cheap make.

Mine seems very warm ,no loose stitching etc and generally well made , I also bought the North Face one earlier so I'll see if its worth over twice as much as this one
When it comes to winter clothes I generally go for the better makes i.e. Berghaus, jack wolfskin, marmot, patagonia and have found from experience they are worth every penny.
Surprised there is so much "hate" towards Trespass on here . I have bought plenty of their stuff in the last few years and not one has let me down or been a disappointment . OK they aren't North Face , RAB etc but I have found them to be as good as Berghaus or Craghoppers and better than Regatta . Still I suppose those voting cold on a Twenty five quid feather and down gilet rarely venture beyond their sofa oO otherwise they would appreciate the price of this well made ,durable and very warm gilet . And as it has no arms it should fit a sheep (at least the front half) oO So why the cold votes ?
Simply because it's a poor make, that's it.
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