Trespass Unisex Bargo Knitted Glove With Thinsulate Insulation (Black) for £1.49 del @ Play.Com

Trespass Unisex Bargo Knitted Glove With Thinsulate Insulation (Black) for £1.49 del @ Play.Com

Mod & Ed 24
Mod & Ed
Found 7th Jan 2013
S/M & M/L in stock, rrp £6.99, bought a pair recently when they were on offer @ £2.49 & they are excellent
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nice pair of gloves
I have a pair of these I've had for a while. Good gloves which are decent quality. Can't go wrong at £1.49. Ordered a pair for my wife and a spare for me. Thanks OP.
ordered a few trespass things thx
Always surprised how Thinsulate Insulation works so well in thin gloves.
back to 6.99 now
Just ordered L-XL £1.49
Just ordered for £1.49
Price changed to £6.99 then it went back to £1.49. Pair ordered!
Ordered just before Christmas at £2.49 and they were a bargain then. Hot!
Great find!! 2 pairs ordered at 1.49. Thanks.
Price seems to be going up and down, checked just now and back to 1.49 so ordered 2 pairs, cheers OP
Bought these before xmas and quality was very poor
Had ordered for my wife and they are really good gloves.
great find, thanks for sharing
Ordered great op
Just got L/XL for £1.49, thanks
I looked at XL they were priced at £2.49, so i looked at the s/m size and they were £1.49. Went back into l/xl size and they went back down to £1.49.
Ordered 2 pairs of each. Thanks.
Hot, as my hands will be.

Ordered a couple of pairs , thanks
Thanks wishihadadonkey, great deal, ordered 2x for myself (one spare) and 1x for my Mum. 7% TopCashBack too
So... I take it from all the trespass posts that Play's got a sale on.
ordered two - nice find.

Dont like the thinuslate stuff - could I cut tghe thinsulate stuff out?
back @ £2.49 now

back @ £2.49 now

Just ordered a pair of L-XL for £1.49
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