Trial And Retribution: 1 - 4 Digipack (4 Discs) £8.99 or less

Trial And Retribution: 1 - 4 Digipack (4 Discs) £8.99 or less

Found 16th May 2007
Drawing TV audiences of up to 11 million viewers, 'Trial And Retribution' is a gritty, urban drama that deals with graphic topics from abduction to serial murders and internal police corruption to psychological illness.

Breaking new ground in terms of content and style, each episode traces the entire trajectory of a serious crime from the act being committed, to a detailed investigation and arrest, before arriving at the law courts for a dramatic finale.

Trial And Retribution: When five-year-old Julie Anne Harris goes missing, a huge police search operation is put into action, led by Detective Inspector Pat North (Kate Buffery). The discovery of the young girl's body in a sewer pipe leads to an emotionally charged murder investigation, with Julie Anne's violent stepfather and a local alcoholic misfit among the prime suspects.

Trial And Retribution 2: A serial killer is on the loose, mutilating and sexually assaulting his victims with an arrow-headed weapon before murdering them. The investigations, headed by Detective Superintendent Walker (David Hayman), eventually lead the police to Damon Morton (Iain Glen) and certain evidence, including one survivor's description of her assailant, makes them convinced they have got their man. But what appears to be a cut-and-dry case is thrown into confusion when three of Morton's employees each confess to committing the attacks.

Trial And Retribution 3: An anonymous phone call leads the police to a boathouse where they find the bloodstained clothing of a young girl, Cassie Booth, reported missing while doing her paper round. The main suspect is the owner of the boathouse, Karl Wilding (Anthony Higgins), but although he fits an eyewitness description of Cassie's abductor, the police don't have enough evidence to arrest him. The investigation connects Wilding to Stephen Warrington (Richard E. Grant), a persistent complainer to the police who has recently been arrested on charges of indecent exposure. When both men are eventually charged with Cassie's murder, a nail-biting and twist-filled trial reveals all is not what it seems.

Trial And Retribution 4: DI North (Kate Buffery) is assigned to an eight-year-old murder case which has been reopened after fresh evidence suggests the convicted man, James McCready (James Wilby), may be innocent. North discovers that the original enquiry was led by her boyfriend, DS Walker (David Hayman) and their relationship is put to the test as she gradually begins to suspect that he is hiding something. When a past link between DS Walker and McCready comes to light, Walker finds himself suspended from duty and fighting to save his reputation, his relationship and his career.

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Trial and Retribution 5-8 digipack is also the same price-£8.99.

Amazon are selling the 5-8 digipack for £7.97 and the 1-4 digipack for £8.97,but you have to spend £15 to get free delivery unlike

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but you can get them for 7.99 if u pm me

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