Trial offer 99p (covers postage, cancel any time). Bakedin

Trial offer 99p (covers postage, cancel any time). Bakedin

Found 30th Jan
Ok, it's a subscription you can cancel any time. 99p for first delivery of all ingredients and recipe to make 24 cakes. It's really a cookery lesson where you get to eat what you make. Worth a try for the first one at least.

What's the worst that can happen??

Who said food poisoning??

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Looks like a great offer, if cancelling really is easy / risk free. Has anyone used this offer yet?

The price of the kits afterwards are from £7.95 upwards per month for what I consider you could get the ingredients together yourself a lot cheaper.

I've just used it now. If you want to cancel immediately don't sign up until the 2nd as they bill you on the 1st for the subscription and you have to email them to cancel.
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