Trine (PC Game) - £14.99 & Free Dlivery @ Gameplay

Trine (PC Game) - £14.99 & Free Dlivery @ Gameplay

Found 3rd Aug 2009
You can buy "Trine" for the PC for £14.99 at, and that is with free delivery too. The next best price I can see for this online is £17.99, so it's a saving of a few pounds.

According to the gamespot reviews, this game gets a rating of 7.5/10, which isn't bad.


" In Trine', players work together to create and use objects to solve challenging physics-based puzzles and defeat dangerous enemies. Set in a kingdom on the verge of chaos, a warrior, a wizard, and a thief are bound by a powerful artifact known as "the Trine". Together, they must battle the forces of space, energy, and motion to put an end to the reign of the dark sorcerer that rules the kingdom."


Still overpriced - should have been released at £9.99 .... it only takes ~10 hours to get through it

Cheapest around at mo, but as I say still overpriced - not voted hot or cold

Disagree. It's a good price for good game. I paid £19.99 and I don't regret it.

£25 in my local GAME Store! heat!

Great game, lost vikings 2009

The PlayStation 3 edition of Frozenbyte's downloadable platformer Trine will sell for $20, half the "official" international price of the PC version, publisher Nobilis has confirmed to Shacknews.…321

So teh PS3 version will be cheaper than PC - doesn't feel right does it?
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