TRIO 6 pack @ morrisons reduced to 25p

TRIO 6 pack @ morrisons reduced to 25p

LocalFound 4th Jul
Now 25p from £1 loads left in speke store
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34240315-ZVtnC.jpgalso had pick and mix 25p
34240315-M5a4Q.jpgand breakaway caramac 50p
Yellow sticker = store specific
Ah - so this is what has happened to the Trios! I've visited my local Morrisons earlier in the week and noticed their absence there and elsewhere there didn't seem much stock around. I think they've gone onto clearance in my earlier store and been having a clearout before I arrived. They could well be on national reduced to clear (RTC) as those items are often reduced even further in some stores, hence the 25p sticker. The same happened on some large bags of M&M's (but this is not limited to sweets by the way - I've seen shampoos and other items going on cheaper clearance in some stores that were national RTC) - the M&M's eventually vanished from one of my stores, where they had stuck around without a SEL for weeks - my other stores had it seemed sold them out only for them to appear on here posted by someone who found them on cheaper store-specific clearance sticker in their store.

May have gone onto national RTC, my thought that it has is heightened by seeing the cheaper store-specific sticker (that others may well find similar too in other stores).

EDIT: What about the Oreo 10 pack 220g, Peanut Butter, Original, Chocolate Creme etc.? They seem to have gone AWOL from my stores too - they seem to be having a smaller pack product brought in now. Have the 'old ones' gone onto RTC or be being knocked down and cleared out of stores now? It's the items that are no trace that need to be paid attention to lol - they might be found by someone else on very good clearance price in another store.
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Didn’t realise that these are still made. Loved them back in the 19@@‘s ahem

Better than the US rubbish that is popular these days
Lots of biscuity goodness, I'd have stocked up!!
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