Triple Dry 72hr Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (HEAVY DUTY!) - £2.67/£3.66/£4.00 @ Tesco / Boots

Triple Dry 72hr Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (HEAVY DUTY!) - £2.67/£3.66/£4.00 @ Tesco / Boots

Found 20th Jul 2013
From Tesco Online. It's the only deodorant that can contain my personal potency! For those that suffer from damp armpits, even after applying the top high-street sports brands out there. And now you all know about my damp armpits - it's for a good deal though. Usual RRP for roll-on is between £6 and £7.

Womens roll on 50ml available here for £4.00, from Tesco Online:…413

Mens roll on 50ml available here for £3.66, from Tesco Online:…305

Spray 150ml available here for £2.67 from Boots:…39/
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Mens unavailable at Tesco.
Is this difficult to wash off? The sure dry ones seem to be resistant to shower gel!
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@DexMorgan, it depends on your local Tesco store, if that's out of stock when you're signed in - it will state out of stock. In stock in Leeds.

@Mateus, for the roll on it's shower proof, you apply it before bedtime on a dry armpit, as you sweat less in your sleep. It can be scrubbed off though, it doesn't clump up or dry like a film. Not tried the spray though.
Boots have it same price
some of u filthy brits need to acquaint yourselves with it! try showering first, if you ever heard of such an action, then apply the deodorant.
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@rushybcpt Having a problem with excessive sweating is neither unhygienic or characteristically British...
well its what u guys dont do when u perspire i.e. bath and use deodorant.
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You do realise you're generalising 60 million people with bad hygiene? There's plenty of filthy folk in every country around the world, no need to generalise. We're good at hiding our stinky folks from the media though.
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