Triple handset Home Phones - Down to £21.99 from £39.99 - ARGOS

Triple handset Home Phones - Down to £21.99 from £39.99 - ARGOS

Found 28th Jul 2016
Down from £39.99 to £21.99. Needed new phones as current ones do not charge so instead of buying a new set of rechargable batteries I thought this was a great deal as last time a set of the batteries alone was about £6. Didn't want answer phone but have a look on the Argos website as there are a few other sets also down in price. Have them picked up but not yet opened.

Made by Binatone.
- sylv
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Out off stock in my area
Good deal and still in stock at post office rd Bournemouth
good price, got these recently for £11 from Tesco's on clearance
any one know if these have Li-ion batteries (or other)?

any one know if these have Li-ion batteries (or other)?

They'll be NiMH. Cheap phones, strikes me as a false economy as any cheap (tried Binatone) cordless phones I have had failed prematurely. Just retired some 15 year old Siemens phones.
Is it REALLY down in price ?

Under full details

* Please note that this item has previously been on sale at the same price.

If you're happy with the price then great but I tend to ignore Argos price reduction claims. Same goes for Curry's/PC World.
Sounds good value. I've disconnected my landline due to constant nuisance calls from India trying to sell computer repairs. I'm registered with TPS and so on but they can't do anything about overseas callers.
BT should let UK people get rid of landlines altogether and just have broadband coming over it - this is offered in many other countries and there's no technical reason for not offering it - just they want all the money they can get.
Have them picked up and must say I'm well impressed. Feel sturdy, nice rubber buttons and very easy to navigate. Ringing tones are fine, some of them would drive me nuts but there are still several I'm happy with. Look swish too. Wasn't expecting Lithium batteries anyway as they will be set on the chargers. Much better than the BT ones I was replacing. Can't go wrong for just over £7 per phone!
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