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Posted 11 March 2023

Triple QX Concentrated Screenwash 5Ltrs - £2.89 with Free Collection @ Euro Car Parts

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TRIPLE QX Concentrated Screenwash 5Ltrs
Our Triple QX Concentrated All Season Screenwash cleans all types of dirt, grim, tar and sap from your windows, leaving a spotless, and streak clear finish. The concentrated formula allows you to get up to 20litres from a single bottle, meaning excellent value for money!
Euro Car Parts More details at Euro Car Parts
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  1. R0BUST's avatar
    DO NOT BUY THIS! This product will block your window wipers and the filter. This happened on both of our cars, cost a lot to unblock the filter.

    This product makes your pipes go mouldy! If left for a few months you can see this happen in the bottle it’s self. See my photo.

    Yes it’s cheap but you then will have to unblock your Jets or buy new ones. It will also block the filter. Just pay a bit more and save the hassle.

    coony's avatar
    Yeah same happened in my car - Eurocarparts offered me a refund on it but refused to take any liability for the cost of getting my reservoir and jets cleaned out!
  2. coony's avatar
    Molded up my reservoir last summer and blocked my jets. I only use neat screenwash to avoid this but obviously they must use contaminated water to make this stuff
  3. RCAnderson's avatar
    How cold does this stuff go? Could do with some more screenwash, but not sure if this would just need to be used neat?
    Dyslexic_Dog's avatar
    Even used neat it's just about okay, it doesn't freeze easily but I find it just foams up on the windscreen and then will sort of frost over a bit, if that makes any sense!
  4. jesper10's avatar
    Good price.

    Home Bargains also currently doing 5l for £2.49 for those who maybe have easier access to a HB store.
  5. wakkaday's avatar
    How many litres on average do you need to put in car .. once or twice a year
    Angri's avatar
    I find that if I leave my car in the garage, I don't use very much at all, but the last time I competed in the RAC Rally, I used loads!
  6. Besford's avatar
    ECP don't quote a min temp for this chep stuff. I think you can safely assume it's not very low. Use at your own risk this time of the year!

    Be aware that having a non-functioning screenwasher system, whether broken or just frozen, is not only dangerous but also an offence.

    Just get some decent stuff - at least for Winter!
    Zaheen_X's avatar
    Yep, I made the mistake of buying like 9x 5L concentrated bottles a few years back. Some were on the shelf and some were In the back, some had seals that were broken which I only noticed months later when I opened one (why would I assume they had been opened?)

    So somebody had probably diluted some and returned, maybe? Who knows.

    Some of them started to gloop blobs of green gunk inside which I filtered out into a bucket before putting into my car, took me a while. Made sure it wasn't in my car for long.

    Anyway to cut this short, this hit my screen and froze over in cold temperatures. Concentrated for summer but in winter you need a higher percentage mix.

    I wouldn't buy it again after my experience. It was so cheap to pass up though. Hope yours doesn't goop in your cars! (edited)
  7. twinkle_wild's avatar
    Goes mouldy. Do not use!
  8. saitama_fan's avatar
    Its water with blue dye horrible stuff
    sussexroyal's avatar
    tonic, ice and a slice makes it acceptable
  9. wildheart3003's avatar
    This= equal to 1 screen wash tablet, not rated for freezing weather. (edited)
  10. emmatthew's avatar
    21p TCB Click & Collect. 
    Every little helps. 
  11. Sthomas150's avatar
    Just picked up mine and no dilution instructions on the back so this is a pic of an old bottle of the same stuff if it helps anyone 49754862-Ox2Ud.jpg
    MusicInMe's avatar
    Thanks. How did you get at that price?
  12. tan159's avatar
    THIS is typical rubbish QX quality & misleading descriptions. No way this will make 20l & still be soapy or work below zero
    kwl147's avatar
    Misleading and knowingly miss-sold!

    Classic ECP.
  13. Sthomas150's avatar
    Great price and goes a long way. Pay in store too which is ideal IMO
  14. KingOfSpades's avatar
    Decent price ! Heat
  15. Muyhee's avatar
    Thanks OP
  16. stefanjulia's avatar
    Really needed one.
  17. johnnytwohatz's avatar
    Good price.
  18. jheeks's avatar
    Heads up, if you don’t use all this up within 3-6 months it ends up smelling really bad and going slimy! I would pay a bit more for a premium brand.
    L33TL33's avatar
    Any recommendations for a better quality one? Thanks
  19. William_Moore's avatar
    Pffft 4 quid for a hundred windscreen tablets, been doing it years in a GLC. Top up warm tap water, done. I do well over a thousand miles a week and this is the way.
    youngchap's avatar
    Windscreen tablets? Do u mean u bought them from somewhere else? Do u put this liquid or tablets in the windscreen water pump thing instead of water/mix with water yh?
  20. Wr09's avatar
    blocked out Honda civic washer pump, the inbuilt filter has weird gunky stuff blocking it up
  21. petestan's avatar
    I have used this in different cars for years and I have never had it block my wiper jets, maybe it's because I drive 10,000 miles a year so top the washer bottle up regualrly.
    Typical though I only checked ECP last week and it was a lot more expensive and they wouldn't deliver. I ended up buying a 2.5 ltr bottle from Tesco in the end. Good deal, heat added.
  22. Bargainsrule's avatar
    Cheers op, heat
  23. thecoolguy's avatar
    Good for upto -5 degrees
    Roofer's avatar
    Think you mean down to -5?
  24. ses6jwg's avatar
  25. john.coote's avatar
    Always a fab deal - I normally grab 4
  26. Max-Power's avatar
    I've used these for years, never had a problem. Never seen them turn orange..... I have seen it go mouldy when left for a few years with little left inthe bottle however.
  27. Proveright's avatar
    Thanks OP. It is odd that they don't quote the temperature it is rated for? But it is worth buying for use when the weather warms up.
    Alllfff's avatar
    On amazon it says down to -15C
  28. Arghshh's avatar
    Find a good local auto factor that sells Polyguard Arctic screen wash... Works out cheaper than this due to - 20 rating and dilution rates and doesn't go mouldy, I've had bottles sat half full for years at the back of the garage with no bother.

    This is a crap deal
    AVANTIME's avatar
    Never tried that, 10 litres for £14 delivered a good deal?
  29. stefanjulia's avatar
    I went to collect today, waited 15min on the queue with only 2 people served.
    Lost my patience and left.
    Is anyone else experiencing long queues to be served or just in my area?
    FunsizeR's avatar
    B&M are doing 2 of the RAC ones for £6 if you are going near one, close to this deal….
  30. Fn6Dragon's avatar
    Bought some before. It seems to block washer nozzle. I now buy tablet like anyone else.
    kwl147's avatar
    That’s what this stuff is good for! Blocking pipes! (edited)
  31. rickygate72's avatar
    If you have an empty bottle some forecourts do just short of 5lts for £1.50 in the tyre/screen wash machine
    My local shell garage do it
  32. dannymccann's avatar
    This stuff grew manky bits in it after a months storage in my garage, I reckon it's been one of the causes of my washer pump getting blocked up and ultimately failing on my Focus...the Screwfix No Nonsense brand stuff, in the opaque white container, hasn't suffered the same problem, I think the light gets through the container and contaminates?
  33. The.Crew.Designs's avatar
    I am getting £4.99 am I missing a code or something 49759142-hnXte.jpg
    cliosport65's avatar
    No the price has gone back up that's all
  34. Steve2512's avatar
    Back to £4.99 today, Wednesday 14/03/2023. You have to be quick to get these bargains! (edited)
's avatar