Triple Wax Liquid Gold 300ml half price £3 TESCO

Triple Wax Liquid Gold 300ml half price £3 TESCO

Found 12th Sep 2011
Usually £6 for the 500ml bottle. I have a black car which is a pig to clean and dry. I have used this stuff for a few months and it pretty much does as it says.

Good price I thought!
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What does it say it does?
Triplewax Liquid Gold self-drying car shampoo is the next generation of car washing. Liquid Gold is quick and easy to use with outstanding results, it incorporates advanced water sheeting technology so you can just wash and go with no manual cloth drying or time consuming polishing.

The unique revolutionary Liquid Gold polymer system effortlessly cuts through all types of dirt and grime. After rinsing the water self-dries and evaporates with an irredescent effect to leave a perfect flawless showroom shine.
sorry was on mobile when i first made post.

the shampoo is self drying so you was your car then hose off. the shampoo forms a sheet that evaporates to a high shine after about 20 minutes. using this stuff means no need to manually dry with a chami leather or microfibre cloth.

as i say for half price at £3 a bottle it is well worth it as it saves the bulk of the time cleaning my car would take.

the 1ltr bottle is still £10 so 500ml for £3 is quite good.
Seems to be a great difference of opinion as to how well this stuff works/doesn't work.

Though that may be down to how it's used - someone said it needs 100ml per wash, so that's only 5 out of this half litre bottle, which is an aweful lot more than the usual 1 or 2 capfuls of regular shampoo.

Also, water hardness in your area may have a bearing on whether you will suffer from spots/streaks once dry.

I'm intrigued to give it a go at this price
Also read this: "Its worth taking note that this product will only self dry IF the car is well protected with sealer/wax prior to washing"

It's also recommended to dry any window glass as normal, as it will streak.

Short video from makers…ras

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depends how you look at it really, 60p a wash and you dont spend 30 minutes drying it off, seems worth it to me.

interestingly i used autoglym bodywork shampoo prior to using this if i have time and as you say above this might help it dry.

i assume you use a microfibre mitt when you clean, try only using 5 ltrs of warm water and two capfuls. that is what i have started to do as i always seem to have loads left over after cleaning a black fiesta.

the water where i live is not hard and the liquid gold forms a water sheet over the car which does not run off, it clings to the paint and evaporates over about 20 minutes. will be interesting to see how the outside temp affects the ability to evaporate as the colder weather might not allow this.

anyways, i dont mind the stuff, i usually use a squeegee on the windows rather than letting this stuff dry as i think it will streak. only downside to this stuff is the pain in the ass it is to rinse out of a microfibre mitt. ;-)
Graham, don't get me wrong - I'm not knocking it, was just doing a bit of 'research' and pointing out what I'd found/read

Unfortunately my local Tesco only had the 1 litre bottle at a tenner, so I didn't buy, but will have a look in another branch tomorrow, as I really do want to try it.
I thought it may be similar to Demon Shine by Carplan, but you wipe it off..rather than leave to dry.…700 I've used it on my daughter's BMW and it's not that bad at all - though fairly short life of just a few days before the effect dissapates.

I've always been into 'proper' car cleaning and current favourite is FinishKare #1016…tml which I find absolutely superb [and I've tried many different ones] The 1 litre bottle lasts ages as you just use 'normal' amounts - although of course it's not self drying.

I use a sheepskin mit BTW and two bucket method No 'sticky' residue or the likes, with the FinishKare.
Nice, sheepskin mitt get really good reviews. Have you ever tried optimum no rinse?
Nope. The fact of 'no rinse' is what would worry me


A great place to get mitts from is…tts at 2 for £12.95 delivered.
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