Tripod - Bottle Pod / Window Clamp - £2.29
Tripod - Bottle Pod / Window Clamp - £2.29

Tripod - Bottle Pod / Window Clamp - £2.29

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EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT - Ideal for self timer and slow shutter speed photography etc. This clever little camera support is a real must have item for anyone who likes to enjoys their photography whilst out and about or just socialising indoors.
Firstly it can turn almost any bottle into an instant camera support and secondly it can be used as a car window mounting clamp. Great for self timer work and it will help you to avoid camera shake in low light situations as well. Why not take it with you to a party as it will raise lots of smiles (perfect!) and be a conversation piece too.

So how does it work we here you ask ?
As a Bottle Pod: Screw the unit into the cameras tripod socket, normally found at the base/under of the camera. The small rubber matt around the screw should help to provide a good grip to the camera. Place the Bottle Pod over the bottle top (with a max. diameter of up approx. 33mm) and tighten the screw in side-pin to secure. To position your camera and to obtain the best view a ball type head allows you to get the optimum angle of view. Once you are happy with the picture then pull back the quick release handle to lock the ball head into position. The Bottle Pod should work with virtually all bottles and will fit over all types including glass and plastic types. We found that it really liked a Highland Spring bottle for example, with or without the cap !
As a Car Window Clamp: Lower your car window at least several inches and place the slot in the Pod over the windows horizontal edge. Gently tighten the locking screw against the glass (do not over-tighten as not too much pressure is actually needed to hold it securely). Then angle the camera as your subject requires and then close down the locking lever to finalise the position if needed. Of course you may not need the camera to be locked into place as this unit can also be used to simply steady the camera whilst shooting moving subjects or when using slower shutter speeds etc.

IMPORTANT BUYERS NOTE: This VERY low cost, compact and lightweight unit does a really fine job in holding small and more compact digital or 35mm cameras. But naturally it does have its limitations and we would therefore not recommend it for larger or heavier SLR camera types. If you do try this item in a risky situation then please ensure a firm grip has been achieved before leaving it to stand alone. Please accept that 7dayshop.com can take no responsibility for any damage however caused.

.You choose please, but it is fun and great value for money and you won't see this anywhere else and for anywhere near this price !!
Height of unit from base to top of screw thread is approx. 4.5 cm, width around 6cm.

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