Triton Excite Electric Shower 8.5kW  £62.49 (was £125) from Screwfix

Triton Excite Electric Shower 8.5kW £62.49 (was £125) from Screwfix

Found 25th Aug 2013
One of the bank holiday specials from Screwfix.
Another good offer I bought from Screwfix was posted here:…423

8.5kW Triton Excite Electric Shower with push button start/stop for simple set and forget temperature. A stylish, compact and exceptional value for money design to complement any bathroom. Top cable pipe entry. Bottom and side water pipe entries. Rear cable and water pipe entries. W x D x H: 211 x 95 x 308mm. Shower head dia: 90mm.
•Start/Stop Button for 'Set & Forget' Showering
•5-Spray Pattern Shower Head
•2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee
•Water Efficient
•Rotary Temperature Control
•Temperature Stabilised

Product contents:
Shower, riser rail, hose, shower head, soap dish and fixings.

W x D x H: 211 x 95 x 308mm. Top and back cable entry points. Bottom, back and right water entry points. Min. pressure: 1bar. BEAB approved.
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Steer clear of Trition, they have a common inherent fault on the circuit boards - you forget to switch it off at the pole switch one day and one of the main capacitors on one of the 2 heating circuits will be fried, resulting in a luke-warm shower at best until you get the circuit board replaced. Went through 3 boards under warranty the last time we had a Triton. Switched to Mira after the warranty ran out - 6 years of trouble-free showering. They haven't fixed the design flaw.y mate's dad had same issue 3 months ago after I advised against a Triton. His is currently under warranty.
Showing as 125 on my phone. Maybe works differently for others
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