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Cannondale Trail 2 2020 - (Size S, M, XL) £930.74 with code @Triton Cycles
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Cannondale Trail 2 2020 - (Size S, M, XL) £930.74 with code @Triton Cycles£930.74£1,055.5112% Free P&P Free
Cannondale Trail 2 2020 Lowest price I can find by over £120. In stock in sizes S, M and XL. Free delivery usually dispatched within 24 hours. Specifications: Frame: Sma… Read more

Your (sic) correct. I hang my head in shame. Annoyingly you have used one's correctly. Bah!


It certainly does nothing for one's grammar.


Smartform C2 is a meaningless marketing term but a quick google shows in 2018 that was using 6069 aluminium which is the premium aluminium used by fuji-ta and some past Cannondale bikes were openly made by fuji-ta as they were mentioned by name in their video so its likely these are still made by fuji-ta (world's biggest bicycle manufacturer by volume). I think they have factories in mainland China and maybe Vietnam and Cambodia. The frame style looks pretty generic of fuji-ta's portfolio of certified frame designs. So it looks like Dorel have just imported a pre-certified bike design fully from Fuji-ta with their recipe of components. There is nothing proprietary about this bike at all (which is good) its just a generic bike from fuji-ta. When its pretty much a brand slap you really need to assess what components you are getting for your money, how well it is reviewed and how much you want to pay for the brand that is slapped on it. I personally think Cannondale overcharge a lot for these imported bikes and its only really with heavy discounting do they make sense to buy. Also bear in mind Cannondale often use a bicycle assembly plant in Taiwan so the frames can be made elsewhere more cheaply but can have a 'Made in Taiwan' sticker on them although its also possible these will come with a different country of origin on the box (China, Vietnam, Cambodia or even Bangladesh).


It has better quality everything on this bike compared to £600 bike . Click on specification and read and Google. Do the same with a cheaper bike and you will see the difference. I have a hoodoo Bizango which I paid £650 and that feels top quality and has been voted bike of the year 2 years running sub £750 . So I guess this will feel even better to ride than mine .


Listed under shower fittings ! LOL put some work into it at least ;-)

Cannondale Bad Boy 2 Hybrid bike at Triton Cycles for £1099.99
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Posted 16th Aug 2018Posted 16th Aug 2018
Cannondale Bad Boy 2 Hybrid bike at Triton Cycles for £1099.99£1,099.99£1,399.9921%
I paid £1254.99 around 2 months ago for mine, I've never seen the Bad Boy 2 at this price. Usually retails for £1399.99 I'm sure you can get more bike for your money but I persona… Read more
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That has to be said is an negligible advantage compared to the disadvantage of having a proprietary front hub. You can use locknut skewers to achieve the same result. I like the look of the lefty design. But from a practical standpoint it's a waste of space.


Ah, now you've misunderstood me and put an awful lot of words in my mouth. I don't claim to know more about making frames than that company. I do however reserve the right to criticise their graph for being generic nonsense because it provides no meaningful values. As you say it relates to their frames, not those of others so I wouldn't say X was better than Y just because their version of X was better than Y. Would I consider a generic Fuji Ti frame better than a Mason Alloy one? No way. Would I consider a Sarto carbon frame brittle compared to a cheapo steel frame, again nope. As I said before, read the trustpilot reviews. 1* given because Triton charged more for postage than the stamps on the parcel added up to. 1* given because an item said to be in stock took a week to arrive because they'd accidentally said they had an XL when in was an L ......and countless other petty gripes. So yeah, useless. Please don't say that I won't listen to facts, I bloody love facts and details and all the minutiae that go into bike design. Hence my dislike of that bloody pseudoscientific graph you like posting up when you throw generalisations all over the place! ;)



It's obviously a generalisation and likely based on the frames they actually manufacture. You seem to think your opinion as a single person is somehow superior to a company that has manufactured 100s of millions of frames and has state of the art manufacturing facilities. Again I understand everyone can have their opinion but you've provided nothing to back yours up at all and it just gets farcical when somehow you present your knowledge as somehow superior to the whole bicycle industry and the largest bicycle manufacturer. I think you are one of those people who never let's reality and the facts get in the way of your opinion. So trustpilot is a waste of time too so everyone should only get all their bicycle retailer recommendations from you exclusively?


Yay. It's that graph again! (y) What do the numbers actually relate to on the axes? Any particular units or just finger in the air estimates? Which particular grades of material are we looking at? Is the steel 4130, 853, stainless? Which grades of alloy, Ti, etc? Bobbins! Wherever planet X have anything done it's because it's the *cheapest* to have it done. Have a read of those trustpilot reviews and see what people are complaining about and see why trustpilot seems a complete waste of time.

BONTRAGER CIRCUIT ROAD CYCLING SHOES in titanium and various sizes from £30.99 Delivered @ Triton Cycles
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Posted 11th May 2018Posted 11th May 2018
BONTRAGER CIRCUIT ROAD CYCLING SHOES in titanium and various sizes from £30.99 Delivered @ Triton Cycles£30.99£6552%
Available in titanium Features: inForm Race last - Slightly roomier high-performance fit Bronze Series Composite sole - Nylon composite sole PowerTruss - Sole design improves sti… Read more
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Does anyone know of these come with the cleats please?


seems bargain im trying work out if id miss carbon sole on my worn out triathlon shoes


How are these for people with wider feet?


Gotcha , I stated or similar wasn't sure if it was a relevant review to this shoe . I think a product that has a rrp of 99.00 and is now 30.99 with a reputable name like bontrager behind it won't disappoint many at what is an entry level road shoe price


That's the new 2018 Bontrager Circuit, which Triton sell for £84.99 here - Which I think looks a lot nicer if you're bothered about appearance and has a better boa dial setup

Bontrager Solstice MIPS CE Bike Helmet - £34.99 @ Triton Cycles
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Posted 16th Sep 2017Posted 16th Sep 2017
Bontrager Solstice MIPS CE Bike Helmet - £34.99 @ Triton Cycles£34.99
Pretty good deal on a MIPS helmet, all colours and sizes in stock when I checked and free delivery. The little visor unclips to make it more of a road style helmet. Only place chea… Read more

Thanks xtreemneo! I should have added that MIPS is a relatively new thing that's supposed to protect your brain better in some impacts, currently seems to be mostly on the more expensive helmets. My brain needs all the help it can get so seemed like a good excuse for a new helmet :)


Was curious and found something useful (cheeky) MIPS - Multi-directional Impact Protection System & A "CE" marking indicates that a helmet fulfills the requirements of the European Economic Community (EEC) Directive (89/686/EEC)

Marin Argenta Elite Composite Fork Part Shimano Road Bike @ Triton Cycles £399.99 Free Delivery
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Posted 29th Aug 2016Posted 29th Aug 2016
Marin Argenta Elite Composite Fork Part Shimano Road Bike @ Triton Cycles £399.99 Free Delivery£399.99
This bike was posted over a year ago for £500 but has been heavily reduced so I'm just giving a heads up to anyone who's in the market for a good quality road bike. I bought this … Read more
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Looks like a good deal, I was about to post it myself until I saw this thread. £400 for this spec is good value imho. The 52.5cm size is now out of stock.


I'm 6 foot to 6'1 and ride the 55.5 so Geordie is spot on with his suggestion of 52.5


Sizing chart here Suggests Medium 52.5cm


what bike size would you go for if your 5'9?


what bike size would you go for if your 5'9

Bontrager Flare R Tail Light - £31.49 @ Triton Cycles
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Posted 25th Dec 2015Posted 25th Dec 2015
Bontrager Flare R Tail Light - £31.49 @ Triton Cycles£31.49
One of the best rear lights available for a great price (Edit:also at Sigma Sports for this price) Reviews: Bikeradar - 4.5 out of 5 "The Flare R’s spec list isn’t revolutionary, … Read more

​and where is this great deal?


​There are quite a few "one of the best" lights out there. Personally I'm more Cherrybomb and Moon, Pulsar than dropping £31.49 on a single light. But I'm buying those at the going rate so not really deals.


Been this price for ages on Sigma Sports. Good light though.


Maybe that's a good deal you should post for those looking for a cheap set of lights or other type of rear light-if it's a good deal post it? This is just for anyone looking for one of the best rear lights out there for day and night at a significantly reduced cost to other retailers


lezyne micro rear is less than £20, or as a pack with a 400 lumen front too for £30 ish.

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Cannondale Trail SL SS 29er £449 @ Triton Cycles
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Posted 3rd Dec 2015Posted 3rd Dec 2015
Cannondale Trail SL SS 29er £449 @ Triton Cycles£449
Pretty specialised so not expecting heat, but this is an incredible buy. Got one about 6 months ago and love it, a single speed mtb may not be to everyone's taste but believe me wh… Read more

great bike for commuting. 29'ers are surprisingly fast. if you don't have killer hills on your commute to work, this will be awesome and extremely reliable


OK so who bought the one on ebay:D


Top of Shooters Hill, great view across London


Liking that for some reason. Completely impractical round my way, but must be great fun in the right area.


Hills. Single speed. Not a natural combination. Nice photo but it looks like you climbed to the top of Crystal Palace transmitter. And I mean beelay and harness climbing too.

Marin Argenta Elite Road bike (shimano tiagra) 50% off £500 @Triton Cycles
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Posted 29th Jul 2015Posted 29th Jul 2015
Marin Argenta Elite Road bike (shimano tiagra) 50% off £500 @Triton Cycles£500
Sizes: 43.5, 48.5, 52.5, 55.5 & 58.5cm Model Colour: Gloss Grey w/Black and Cyan Decals Frame Finish: Gloss Grey Colour: Black and Cyan Shimano Tiagra 10-Speed Drivetrain 11-28… Read more
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I bought this the day after it was posted. Superb bike for the cash. I'm 6'1 in height and the 55.5 is spot on for sizing. Please bear in mind when you buy this bike that it's part built. The brake cables were disconnected and required fitting and cutting, the front dérailleur required setting up, RD needed indexing and the handlebars were not fitted. I was surprised as I've got another two bikes which only needed the handlebars aligning only. It also looks a lot better in person too.


55.5 or 58. The 58 might feel a bit stretched out.


At 6" 1, which size should I get?


The Marin is the better deal with Tiagra 10sp with better performance,if you want a slightly more relaxed upright riding position, Wiggle have the Felt Z85 HEREAlso take care to get the correct size its more important than the specs.


The components on this one are a lot better, for example Shimamo Tiagra is a class higher than Sora, so you will get smoother shifting experience. It will come in handy when you need to stop and go in city traffic. At this price point, the aluminium which is double butted - meaning thinning in the middle and thicker around the joints - would probably not materially different than carbon frame in weight. Road feel might vary a bit though, as carbon is generally considered "softer". Overall, this one is probably a better deal.

Mekk Potenza 3.0 (shimano ultegra) carbon road bike 47% off £999.99 @ Triton cycles
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Posted 20th Jul 2015Posted 20th Jul 2015
Mekk Potenza 3.0 (shimano ultegra) carbon road bike 47% off £999.99 @ Triton cycles£999.99
Looks like a pretty good deal to me! Ultegra and full carbon for less than 1k. You can also get an extra pound off for liking them on Facebook. Not sure about any cash back deals… Read more
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Been looking at this bike, as said very well spec'd bike, but i'm having second thoughts as i want to start riding sportifs and it's a toss up between this and the Cannondale synapse 105 disc , which is £850 !! What would you go for as i'm new to road biking, as i'm a mountain biker converting to road . but want to do long distance and need a comfortable bike, not a racer .




​No, a whizz around the country?! Seriously, most people will not buy such a road bike for transport. It is a specialist sporting equipment like a skateboard or dirtbike etc. You don't use them for general purposes but for the sport itself.


Get yourself a road bike and maybe do some racing? You might be very good at it...


Oh right my mistake a £1000 road bike built for speed isnt meant for transport. What is it meant for? casual mountain climbing? A whizz around in the back garden?

Gt Avalanche Expert 650b Trail Mountain Bike 2015 - £520.00 - Triton Cycles
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Posted 11th Jul 2015Posted 11th Jul 2015
Gt Avalanche Expert 650b Trail Mountain Bike 2015 - £520.00 - Triton Cycles£520
Cheapest I have seen this, retailing at £649.99 at other retailers. RockShox XC 32 and Shimano Deore, ordered mine two days ago and received today.

But - for those looking for a "big brand" bike - this is a good deal, heat added.


Simples - B'Twin Rockrider 560 - Deore & SLX drivetrain & Rock Shox XC32 - for £399! (and at full price is £500, so still under £550).


I have a GT bike from last year (29er Timberline) and it looks to have the exact same frame (in the 29er version but same shape and materials).. Do GT "just" increase the calibre of the additional components or are the frames significantly different too? Just curious... Love my bike and would recommend GT to most. PS - I too find it difficult to guage tone online but didn't find anything anything aggressive here....probably see things differently if I was hungover lol.


Now now. Lets vote the deal in the OP.


Slight over reaction there. Voting a hot deal cold just because you assume everyone on the web wants a blazing row is a bit off!

PDW full metal mudguards both sizes 47% off £40.00 get an extra £1 off for a Facebook like at the checkout. @ Triton Cycles
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Posted 1st Jul 2015Posted 1st Jul 2015
PDW full metal mudguards both sizes 47% off £40.00 get an extra £1 off for a Facebook like at the checkout. @ Triton Cycles£40
Spotted this, I know it's not the season for mudguards but you can bet your money they'll go up when the rain clouds come! You can get an extra £1 off at the checkout by doing a … Read more
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Fairdale Weekender OG Hybrid Bike 2013 - £374.99 @ Triton Cycles
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Posted 26th Jun 2015Posted 26th Jun 2015
Fairdale Weekender OG Hybrid Bike 2013 - £374.99 @ Triton Cycles£374.99
best city bike I've ridden recently. 50% off RRP. free delivery. only large left in stock. I'm over 6 foot and comfortably ride this. 9 speed, disc brakes, steel alloy frame - ev… Read more

I've got one of these. I swapped over a few parts, but as said above its a lovely bike.


I brought this a couple of weeks ago for commuting to work. It's a lovely bike, although the bars are not for me so changed them for some flat bars and painted the rims black. Looks great now. If I could have stretched to it I would have brought the 2014 model



2014 Cannondale Trigger 3 29er £1699.00 @ Triton cycles
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Posted 26th Apr 2015Posted 26th Apr 2015
2014 Cannondale Trigger 3 29er £1699.00 @ Triton cycles£1,699
This is the cheapest deal by far on this bike. Saving of 51% on a bike less than a year old. Two Personalities.and they're both BAD-ASS. Thanks to its OverMountain dual-travel DN… Read more
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If your going to buy at a distance why not just buy from Germany etc and save a fortune paying in euros with the strong pound?



Best price I could see but people are probably voting cold due to the fact there are several retailers selling for under £2000. I completely agree that buying last years model is the way to go however, saved myself 60% of the retail price on my Scott by purchasing the previous years model.


This is a great price, personally 29ers aren't for me but it's a lot of bike. Can only imagine it's the BSO crew voting this cold.


Love it, just wish it was carbon fibre

Bontrager Quantum high visibility helmet for men at £29.99 and a further 5% discount with the code 'mother5'. Alternatively like them on Facebook during the checkout  to get £1 discount. Besides, clearance sale on helmets at Triton cycles
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Posted 24th Mar 2015Posted 24th Mar 2015
Bontrager Quantum high visibility helmet for men at £29.99 and a further 5% discount with the code 'mother5'. Alternatively like them on Facebook during the checkout to get £1 discount. Besides, clearance sale on helmets at Triton cycles£29.99
Bontrager Quantum high visibility helmet for men at £29.99 and a further 5% discount with the code 'mother5'. Alternatively like them on Facebook during the checkout to get £1 dis… Read more

You didn't get my "joke".......helmet as in the head of one's hampton!


I came off my bike last Sunday on my regular club outing and my head hit the deck pretty hard. Giro helmet split in three places and have smashed my elbow. Thank God for the NHS and wear a helmet.


Only a true lad would just shrug off head trauma. The madmen!


I thought helmets were for women!


Various colours/sizes for £22.49 from Evans with code EX10C & 5% Quidco

Tern Link B7 Folding Bike £285 @ Triton Cycles
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Posted 16th Mar 2015Posted 16th Mar 2015
Tern Link B7 Folding Bike £285 @ Triton Cycles£285
Reduced by £40 and free delivery. Looks like a nice deal to me.

Nah. Just support independent retailers that have excellent customer service. No need to put extra fuel into the Evans behemoth.


Good deal. Forget a price match from Evans, Triton Cycles is an independent family run business, just buy it from them!


Lovely bike op thanks for posting :3


also worth looking if evens would price match then.


Same bike on Evans is much more expensive at £440 (includes mudguards & comes in a different colour. Components are the same) Looks like a v.good price from Triton. It's worth checking to see if Quidco/TCB is available too.

Charge cooker maxi 1 2015 fat bike pre order £722.49 @ triton cycles
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Posted 7th Jan 2015Posted 7th Jan 2015
Charge cooker maxi 1 2015 fat bike pre order £722.49 @ triton cycles£722.49
Cheapest fat bike Ive seen from a genuine brand. Pre order for dispatch on the 1st of march but a great price.

Had a look at a few of them and the weight (or lack of it) always surprises me. Phat tyres doesn't seem to make for a fat-assed bike :-)


Comes in around 17kg.. not too bad for a fat bike. Charge make some ok bikes. Seems pretty good to me


Reminds me of a Raleigh bomber


What's the tonnage capacity? Solid steel frame?


I'd love one but couldn't find room or the cash for a bike that I'd use one or two weeks a year :-(

Avanti Giro 3.0 (2013) £399 @ Triton Cycles Free P&P, 60% discount.
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Posted 24th Dec 2014Posted 24th Dec 2014
Avanti Giro 3.0 (2013) £399 @ Triton Cycles Free P&P, 60% discount.£399
This seems a brilliant deal to me. Mix of 10sp 105 & Tiagra. RRP was £999 so that's a 60% discount. Spec: ADT 7005 Alloy Frame ADT E1 Carbon Fork Drivetrain upgrade to Shimano… Read more

Shame I missed this :-(


Comment Rutland cycles still have the nice Saracen hybrid on offer 50% off from memory.


hot any women hybrid/mountain bike deals pls? thanks (purpose: local parks/trail/everyday use)


sorry to say it is OOS now


Outstanding value. Great find

Giant TCR Advanced 1 £1919.20 @ Triton Cycles
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Posted 5th Aug 2014Posted 5th Aug 2014
Giant TCR Advanced 1 £1919.20 @ Triton Cycles£1,919.20
£479 off this Giant bike. Giant say:"CLIMB SWIFTLY, SPRINT FASTER, CORNER ON RAILS. IF ROAD RACING IS IN YOUR DNA, THIS IS YOUR MACHINE. Using lightweight, race-proven Advanced-gr… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Went out on the 2015 defy 1 today. Well worth the money


Costs less than £5k so must be rubbish. [/BikeSnobModeOff]


Glad I could help. Now to save up £2k.


We have 2 winners! My crystal ball was working wonders last night! Thanks for not letting us down! :)


The Pedalon tcr ad 1 for £1599 is the previous years 2013 model and only 10 speed ultegra.

Triton Cycles.  SE DRAFT LITE Single Speed 56cm £149.99
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Posted 21st Mar 2014Posted 21st Mar 2014
Triton Cycles. SE DRAFT LITE Single Speed 56cm £149.99£149.99
Hi I know that this has been posted before, but the price has dropped again. Now it is £149.99 and you if you like triton bikes on face book it goes down a tiny £1 so in all it is… Read more

Now OOS in the blue/grey, the 2013 model is £235 - the difference is just the colour!


It looks very basic.

Bontrager Trek cycling jersey £29.99 @ Triton Cycles
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Posted 13th Feb 2014Posted 13th Feb 2014
Bontrager Trek cycling jersey £29.99 @ Triton Cycles£29.99
Decent price these are 39.99 upwards everywhere else I've seen


Voted Cold. Prefer red.