Tritton AX720 Gaming Headset - £94.85 @ The Hut

Tritton AX720 Gaming Headset - £94.85 @ The Hut

Found 29th Mar 2011
Thought id post this as may be of some use to some gamers after a good headset,
At The Hut there's the AX720 Gaming headset for £94.85 by using the SS5 code to get £5 off they also have the AXPRO headset for £114.85 also with using the code.

Personally if you have any walkers 10% code remaining it'd be cheaper still to use the walkers code.

Dont forget too go through Topcashback or Quidco.


zavvi have them for the same price incase anyone would rather use them.

i have these and love them and would recomend them.
they can be used on 360, PS3 and PC.
i paid around £130 and had to get them off ebay as no one in the uk sold them, so i think this is a deal.

if voting cold, then you must be able to find them somewhere else cheaper, so please say where...

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Cheaper still now as long as the code runs for at least it is…ost

£85.20 I did new post it got expired and seemed struggle get it unexpired even though I requested and was told itd been sorted :-/

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Im going to expire this to sway any potential buyers as i had these from TheHut and they arrived faulty the amp would not power on which i thought was a one off.

I then spotted Tesco deal £5 less and ordered them BUT problems again the right earpiece wouldn't work, i tried different consoles checked leads was in and even different leads but no luck so had go Tesco and now im waiting for refund for thehut and tesco to arrive.

I can take one off faulty set but 2 in a row is very bad so avoid !
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