Tritton Kama 3.5mm Stereo Headset - £15.99 - Go2Games

Tritton Kama 3.5mm Stereo Headset - £15.99 - Go2Games

Found 27th Sep 2017
Back in stock at £15.99 and a great price for 'entry' level headphones.

Built for the Xbox One console's multiplayer online environments, TRITTON's officially licensed Kama Stereo Headset delivers unbeatable performance, comfort, and value. Directly connecting to the Xbox One wireless controller - and nearly any device with a 3.5mm jack - you're free to play in full stereo no matter where the game takes you. A handy in-line audio module features easy-to-use volume control for quick sound adjustments. And for those occasions when privacy matters, mute the microphone by simply sliding a switch. Fixed microphones may not always properly align with your mouth, resulting in decreased sound quality when communicating over Xbox Live. Problem solved with the Kama's flexible solution - it provides the freedom to bend the mic into a position that's optimal for picking up your voice. Headset comfort is of utmost importance during extended gaming sessions.

The Kama keeps your ears comfy with its padded, adjustable headrail, which extends an extra 1.25 inches on either side to accommodate a wide range of head sizes. When it's time for a break from the action, the soft earcups swivel to provide a comfortable around-the-neck resting position. At home, work, or on the move, your video games, music and other media can travel everywhere with you. Not limited to the Xbox One console, the Kama is also compatible with portable gaming systems, nearly all tablets and smartphones, plus most laptops and notebooks.
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had a pair of these, definitely a bargain at this price but quite uncomfortable for extended periods of gaming as these are on ear headphones
Not a bad price but the volume will echo into the mic and annoy your friends very quickly even if there on low volume. Taken from experience when iv'e used them
excellent!! cheers!!
Thanks , voted hot
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