TRIVIAL PURSUIT ('90'S EDITION) - £14.99 or less @ - R.R.P. £34.99

TRIVIAL PURSUIT ('90'S EDITION) - £14.99 or less @ - R.R.P. £34.99

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Found 8th May 2008
Open the vault to memories from the decade of your life! Remember when...
...the world was getting smaller but you had big plans for the future? first felt the independence of living on your own, starting your first job, being responsible for the decisions you made? was all about Generation X and the build up to the New Millennium?
Trivial Pursuit 90s Edition brings back the decade when techno, Britpop and grunge ruled the charts. Mobile phones, internet and email were all the rage and the celebrity phenomenon, as we know it today, was born.
Questions are divided into "time capsules" that cover the early, mid and late 1990's. Question categories include Global Village, The A-List, Breaking News, Retail Therapy, Sound & Vision and Winners & Losers. Step down memory lane and win a wedge from every category to win the game!

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Good price dude! great game!
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