Trivial Pursuit - Disney Edition £10.34 @ The ToyShop

Trivial Pursuit - Disney Edition £10.34 @ The ToyShop

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Own this fun Disney version of the classic game!

The world's most popular trivia game and best-loved family films come together in this magical Trivial Pursuit Disney Edition. The questions cover films all the way from 'Steamboat Willie','Mary Poppins and 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' to 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and 'The Incredibles', and each question card is beautifully illustrated with a screen shot from a Disney film.

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£3.95 delivery


You should edit post to show £14.29 Delivered with 5% code.

Thanks WC82 - hot ordered for the kids!

good deal but they charge a fortune to northern ireland

£26.00 to post its ridiculous

Thanks, ordered one. Think it was slightly cheaper before Christmas in the Argos sale, but I tried to locate one all over the country and never found one in stock, so for a couple of pounds more, at least it's a deal that can actually be had! :thumbsup:
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