Trivial Pursuit Genus edition (was 14.99) now £9.99 @ Argos

Trivial Pursuit Genus edition (was 14.99) now £9.99 @ Argos

Found 20th Dec 2008
* The ultimate challenge for Trivial Pursuit lovers with 2400 updated questions.

* For 2 to 36 players.

* For ages 15 years and over.

Been looking for a new version as ours is around 25 years old now and some of the questions just aren't relevant anymore. Out of stock for home delivery at the moment and our local stores are out of stock too, but hopefully they'll be back in stock soon. Price of this in amazon and other places is over £30.

This is my first deal post so please don't flame me for trying to help others.


Would be a cracking deal if any stores actually have any. None near me (Central Scotland) or my in-laws (North West England).

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Yep, couldn't find any in Norfolk either.... but attribute this to the xmas rush maybe, hopefully they'll be back in stock soon for home delivery.

Triv at christmas is great. Good price too, if you can find it in stock.

Great buy if you can find one...ours is pretty ancient too, badly needs replacing.

yep no stock in bristol either, otherwise good deal

Surely you mean "GENIUS"

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I really DO hope you're joking, LOL
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