Trivial Pursuit The 90s Edition Board Game - In-store at Tesco only £8.43

Trivial Pursuit The 90s Edition Board Game - In-store at Tesco only £8.43

Posted 27th Nov 2008
Have just bought this in-store at Tesco's Neasden for the greatly reduced price of £8.43. Great price and perfect family board game for Christmas time.

This game still retails for £24.99 at amazon:…IEG

Manufacturer's Description

Open the vault to memories from the decade of your life! Remember when
the world was getting smaller but you had big plans for the future?
you first felt the independence of living on your own, starting your first job, being responsible for the decisions you made?
it was all about Generation X and the build up to the New Millennium?

Trivial Pursuit 90s Edition brings back the decade when techno, Britpop and grunge ruled the charts. Mobile phones, internet and email were all the rage and the celebrity phenomenon, as we know it today, was born.

Questions are divided into "time capsules" that cover the early, mid and late 1990s. Question categories include Global Village, The A-List, Breaking News, Retail Therapy, Sound & Vision and Winners & Losers. Step down memory lane and win a wedge from every category to win the game!

# 1 gameboard
# 1,800 question and answers
# 3 card holders
# 6 scoring tokens
# 36 scoring wedges
# 1 die
# Game Rules & Instructions
# For 2-36 players (in teams)
# Manufacturers recommended age 15 years +

The Game
The Trivial Pursuit game is a party in a box, people talking to people in a revolt against television. Since its official introduction in 1982, this phenomenally successful board game has been testing game players' wits to the limit. For only in a Trivial Pursuit game will you be asked questions as zany as, " Was Humpty Dumpty pushed?" and as difficult as, "What modern day animal is related to the prehistoric merychippus?"

The History
The game was invented by two Canadian journalists in Montreal, December 15, 1979, Scott Abbott a former sports editor with the Canadian Press and Chris Haney, photo editor for the Montreal Gazette. After realizing that more help and more money were needed to begin developing their idea, Chris's older brother John, an ex-hockey player, and John's friend Ed Werner, an ex-hockey player turned lawyer, were recruited, and the team of Abbott, Haney, Haney and Werner got to work.

Having no experience within the games business, it took these four men years of hard work before the Trivial Pursuit game became a seemingly "overnight success" with the public. Having depleted almost all of their own money they convinced friends and relatives to buy shares of their company to raise additional capital. The first prototype production test market run of 1100 games were sold in Canada.

The Trivial Pursuit game was first shown in the U.S. at the American International Toy Fair in New York City in February 1982. They expected to sell thousands of copies: to their great disappointment, only a few hundred were ordered. But they would not give up - even after realizing that they were so in debt that if they sold all of the 20,000 games ordered from their second production run they would barely break even.

But there was a magic to the game, which had game stores doubling their orders and the media soliciting interviews and the rest, as they say, is history.

Spring 2004 marked the 20th anniversary of the universal board game that has sold more than 85 million copies since it was launched and through it all, the highs and lows, Abbott, Haney, Haney and Werner have remained the same four good buddies with a great idea!

And Now?
After 20 years at the top, the game is now available in 28 different countries and in 18 different languages. The current line includes Trivial Pursuit 90s Edition, Trivial Pursuit Genus edition, Trivial Pursuit Family edition, Trivial Pursuit for Kids, Trivial Pursuit Bite Size and Trivial Pursuit World Football Bite Size.

Trivial Pursuit is already spearheading a new game category with the introduction of Trivial Pursuit DVD Games. These fantastic interactive games feature lines such as Trivial Pursuit Disney DVD, Trivial Pursuit Star Wars Saga DVD, Trivial Pursuit Lord Of The Rings DVD and the new extreme game Trivial Pursuit Let Loose DVD.

Product Description
Trivial Pursuit 1990's edition brings back the decade when techno, Britpop and grunge ruled the charts. Questions are divided into 'time capsules' that covers the early, mid, and late 1990's. Question categories include Global Village, the A List, Breaking News, Retail Therapy, Sound and Vision, and Winners and Losers. 15 Years +
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Still available in my local Tesco store, suprised they haven't all been snapped up at this price.
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