Troll 1 & Troll 2 DVD Set £4.83 @ base + Free Delivery

Troll 1 & Troll 2 DVD Set £4.83 @ base + Free Delivery

Found 1st Feb 2009
The film that first brought you Harry Potter (info supplied by AugQX (thanks))

In 'Troll 1' we meet the Potter family, who move into a new apartment not knowing that the building is the enchanted gateway to the ancient but evil kingdom of Troll, populated by evil, furry and malicious little creatures. In 'Troll 2' we meet the Wait family who decide to holiday in the small town of Nilborg. Young Joshua Wait is the first to notice that the place is not safe. A band of Trolls inhabit the woods and appear to the townspeople as simple peasants offering food, which when consumed turns man into a vegetable that the Trolls, being vegetarians, can eat.

Be afraid... Be twice as afraid!

Troll: When an evil troll named Torok attempts to bring about cataclysmic changes that will forever erase mankind, an ancient sorceress and a young boy join forces to stop him before he can carry out his diabolical plan.

Troll II: Trolls live in the woods around Nibog and feed on the town's population. By transforming themselves into people, the trolls are able to come into town and pick their menu. This summer, their prey is the Waits Family, who have arrived to spend their vacation in the countryside. But before the trolls can eat them, they must first be turned into vegetables.

If you doubt the brilliantness of these films, just go and check the reviews on Play (where you can buy this set for £4.99 if you have Quidco and wanna get it a bit cheaper than at base)
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Nice find - heat added.
Wow. Haven't thought about this film for a long time, loved the orignal cover- a painting which depicted the troll peeking around a doorway [if I remember correctly]. Film wasn't bad either but movies have come a long way in the last 20 years and my childhood recollections may not give an accurate evaluation... ^__^
They're remaking this and JK/Warner Bros are going apeshit about them using the name Harry Potter despite Troll having it first right back in the 80s!!!!
Never seen this, any big names?
Ignorant Pom;4250093

Never seen this, any big names?

BG1 is in it :whistling:

lol wut

BG1 is in it :whistling:lol wut

And Mascherano is in the second one :whistling:

troll 2 = cinematic magic
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