Trolley Barbecue £9.99 @ Lidl from Thursday 17th May

Trolley Barbecue £9.99 @ Lidl from Thursday 17th May

Found 15th May 2007
Enamelled sheet steel barbecue with varnished wooden shelves
Includes windshield and roasting spit
Size (cm): 86 x 44 x 84
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Just need the damn rain to stop so we can make use of a BBQ:-( Thanks for the post:thumbsup:
looks tiny!
I bought one of these for friends when Lidl offered them last year and ended up BUILDING it for them while visiting for a long weekend. This assembly was a little bit of a challenge as had to go back and redo several steps once realised what I was meant to have done - made me realise just how clear/good Ikea instructions are!

That said, thought it was SUPERB value and we had some delicious BBQs off it.

Hopefully they've improved the instructions and even if not, it's a "guy challenge" to assemble it as well as BBQ on it!
Yeah we got one last year too, soo many damn screws!! need 4 hands to hold it all and screw at the same time. All the paint peels off pretty quick ( someone should have thought to use heat retardent paint :P ) but a year on and its still going, not rusted or anything. Good bit of kit
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