Tron Legacy Toys Sale @ Disney Store
Tron Legacy Toys Sale @ Disney Store

Tron Legacy Toys Sale @ Disney Store

Disney store in Luton had a massive sale on their Tron stuff.

We picked up the Recogniser carry case with Tron vehicels for £6.19 (Was orignally ticketed at £25) plus the Zero G Lightcycle for £8 which is listed on the Disney Website for £35

Lot's of other stuff was going cheap (Can't remember prices) like the Large figures and vehicles, Identity Disc and the Disc shooter game.


Blimey! I probably walked past you yesterday, I was in the Arndale for best part of the day, after taking my son to the Galaxy in the morning, but missed out on the Disney store.Did you watch the Irish dancing? they were very good.

Heat added.

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Lol, nah we went straight in to see Rango then got collared by the kids going past Disney.

Had plenty of stock though, head back today and you'll definitely pick up a bargain.


Hot deal, thanks! Bought quite a few bits from Brighton store. No Zero G cycle unfortunately though...

Thanks for the tip, went into the one in Southampton and picked up the ID Disc and the Deluxe Sam and Clu figs. They did try and sell me the Zero-G cycle as well (if that's the one that apparantly goes up walls)

Fantastic. The zero g light cycles for £8 plus 5% Quidco. The RRP is £35. Check out the videos on YouTube. Needless to say, purchased! Thanks OP.

Great deal. All figures down to a quid, coliseum disc battle from 20 to 2! Still figures and vehicles at lakeside

Anyone know if the one in the White Rose centre has any light cycles left


Anyone would think the movie was a total lemon. O wait, it was.

Yea, I picked up the large Tron character for £4 (originally marked as £40) from the cambridge store.

Have to say though if I had paid full price for it I would have been gutted as it is a pretty lame toy!

Just called Milton Keynes store, all stock gone...****

i found this for £1.99 from £7.99 but there's a hefty £4.95 delivery cost.
* Rinzler Tron (H9.5cm approx)
* Light up chest
* Round base
* 2 Discs
* Battle Baton
* User instruction guide
* 1.5V Button cell batteries, included
* Suitable for children aged 3+


Yes the film was lousy but toys are worth looking at especially at these prices. The action figures are amongst the first to use the light projection technology so from a collector point of view they have some value.

They were acutally hard to get from the usual outlets like Play.com or forbidden planet. I eventually found them on Firebox and got one figure at £15. But I did manage to clean up in the Disney Store brighton when I first saw the sale.

Of course as toys for kids, they are not the best.
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