Tron Rc Light Cycle for £18.50 Delivered @ Hawkins Bazaar

Tron Rc Light Cycle for £18.50 Delivered @ Hawkins Bazaar

Found 6th Jan 2013
Drives on the ground, up walls and even on the ceiling

Whether you're a child of the 80s or only discovered the world of Tron in 2010, there's no denying that light cycles are cool. Take this remote control light cycle off-grid and even up walls using its ingenious zero gravity suction system that is strong enough to even keep it riding around on the ceiling. The Tron Legacy inspired design even throws out a glowing light trail behind it (that fortunately doesn't appear to 'derez' things on contact). The intuitive controller is easy to use and is also handy for recharging the light cycle between races.
Tron Legacy remote control light cycle
Drives on the ground, up walls and even on the ceiling
Throws out light trail behind it
Licensed Tron Legacy product
Charges from controller
Requires 6 x AA batteries
12cm long
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Bought this last year. Useless toy, must have very smooth walls to ride on (no wallpaper as then it falls like a rock).

The car itself doesnt hold batterys, but a small lithium battey, that you charge trough remote witch holds a load of batterys.

Useless toy really.
i figured it would be useless, as there are not many reviews around
it was £8.99 at pound stretchers

Got this and its bloody rubbish
Not a good product.
the people saying this is rubbish must have woodchip or anaglypta on there walls, i got one for my son for 8.99 and it works good on the walls, my son uses the wall lights as a guide for a track and races around them
We have two of these bought last year for my Tron fanatic kids, they love them they stick to our walls just fine and underside of tables etc they also have great fun chasing the cat around with them. They do take a lot of batteries but hey thats what the piundshops for!
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