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Posted 27 October 2022

Tronic 10,000mAh Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank (Includes USB A to USB C Cable & 3yr Warranty) - £17.99 at Lidl

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NOTE: In-store from the 6th of November.


Simple to use - no charging cable

Wireless charging, even through thin cases

LED display shows charge status in percent

Portable charger for smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, cameras, and more

Powerful 10,000mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery

Charges up to three devices at once

Ports: 1x USB-C PD, 1x USB-A QC

PD 3.0* (only USB-C) and Qualcomm®

Quick Charge™ 3.0 technology for super fast charging

Charges PD compatible devices up to 50% in 30 minutes via the USB-C PD port

With Smart Fast Charge for optimised charging times***

Power Delivery (PD) is a cutting edge technology which enables extremely fast charging for all PD-compatible devices including Apple iPhone and

Samsung Android devices and iPad Pro

No more tangled cables – simply put down your smartphone to charge it

Includes USB charging cable (USB-A to USB-C)

Choose from black or white

Size: W13.7 x H6.88 x D1.8cm

3-year warranty
LIDL More details at LIDL
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  1. Avatar
    A little suspicious, absolutely no mention of the output wattage.
    It took some hunting to find, but from the manual on the FCC page-

    Built-in rechargeable battery: 3.7 V , 10,000 mAh,

    37 Wh (Lithium polymer)

    USB type C input and output

    voltage / current (PD):

    5 V , 3 A /

    9 V , 2 A/

    12 V ,1.5 A

    USB type A output voltage /

    current (QC3.0):

    5 V , 3 A /

    9 V , 2 A /

    12 V , 1.5 A

    Wireless charging power: 10 W max

    Wireless charging distance: ≤ 5 mm

    Charging efficiency: up to 86%

    Frequency band: 136.60 - 147.60 kHz

    Transmitted maximum radio

    frequency power (H-field):

    -10.62 dBuA/m at 10m


    Maximum output power: 15 W*

    Maximal output current: 3 A*

    Minimal output current: approx. 100 mA

    Operating temperature: 41–95°F (5–35°C)

    Storage temperature: 32–113°F (0–45°C)

    Humidity (no condensation): 10 –70 %

    Dimensions: 5.40 in x 2.72 in x 0.71in

    (137 x 69 x 18 mm)

    Weight: 8.64 oz (245 g)

    *If all outputs are used at the same time, the sum of the output

    current must not exceed 3 A (5 V 3 A, 15 W).
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    Wireless charging is terribly inefficient and you may get just one charge out of this power bank before it dies. It's a really small power bank for wireless charging, fine for wires but at this capacity wireless is a gimmick.
    I disagree--if you're forgetful, like me, having wireless available as a backup option in case you forget/lose your cable is super handy. I'd rather have one charge than no charge at all.
  3. Avatar
    How many charges would 10k get on a typical phone?
    On a 4000 mah battery, you'll not get 2 full charges, second charge will probably stop at about 80%.
  4. Avatar
    Just been giving these a test (with USB meters and electric loads.)

    Can confirm that they're at least their rated capacity at the rated efficiency. They charge at up to 18W via PD or QuickCharge. Both QuickCharge and PD output (5V,9V,12V.) Qi working with an iPhone.

    One gotta: it seems they need a couple of full power cycles for them to properly calibrate.

    Very happy!
  5. Avatar
    For that price or cloae to £21 you can buy the 20,000mAh ones
    I think some people may be interested in the wireless function and you will not find easy one with these specs and wireless. Otherwise I can go on Scan website and for £14 I can get 2 x 20k ones, better branded.
  6. Avatar
    Anyone know how many volts/watts the type C PD is?
    The non wireless model is 18w, so I guess this will be the same, look at the specs on the previous Tronic deals. I'm guessing the wireless will be at max 10w.
  7. Avatar
    Was going to post this earlier but got waylaid as I think it's a good deal. I'd have mentioned the 3 year warranty in the title as I think it's a real USP.

    Heat added
    I spotted this this afternoon, really handy for the car, thanks
  8. Avatar
    Tried a couple of times to get this in LIDL Ruislip. No deliveries whatsoever. However, I got this from Robert Dyas for 19.99. Works really well on QI for a S20 with a Supcase (quite a thick case).
  9. Avatar
    Very useful to have in the proposed power cuts
    Proposed by who?
  10. Avatar
    Only wish this was solar powered too
    Not going to get a lot of sun until about April my friend
  11. Avatar
    Any recommendations for a compact 10000mAh USB QC3 powerbank? Something that is compact for the pocket as I want to use it when traveling. Thanks
    UGREEN Power Bank PD 20W USB C Portable Charger 10000mAh Mini Fast External Battery Pack Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max 13 12 11 iPad Pro Galaxy S22/S21/S20 Redmi Note 10 Huawei P30 Pixel 6 iPad amzn.eu/d/f…Uhq
  12. Avatar
    Any negatives to buying this as a wireless charger? The ability to leave it on my work desk and keep my phone topped up just by placing it on top would be great.
    By a wireless charger instead and save some space. I got a double pack for less than this.
  13. Avatar
    Would this charge my 1kw Bafang?
  14. Avatar
    Is this original price or on offer? I don’t get why it’s so hot?
    It's cheap for a reliable qi power bank
  15. Avatar
    I think this is reasonably priced for the specs and particularly because is wireless, voted hot!
  16. Avatar
    Anyone had luck getting one today? Only 2 left at 11:03 this morning.
  17. Avatar
    Any pocketable alteratnives people can recommend?
  18. Avatar
    I got one and its been fine charging it and charging my phone's.
  19. Avatar
    Wish I could afford to throw electricity into the air like that
  20. Avatar
    I’ve seen this in Selfridges
  21. Avatar
    Where can I buy it online or just in store ? And when please ?
    In store only. I did put the start date on the title but it was edited. It's from the 6th of November.
  22. Avatar
    Be as slow as a Lada
    Ahh the old Lada jokes along with the Skoda...loved the good old days.
  23. Avatar
    My S21u USB port is playing up so this could be a goo idea
  24. Avatar
    Solar ones don’t need bright sunlight, some are good in low light .
  25. Avatar
    Anyone got this? How is quality etc. ?
    There's a review on YouTube from about a year ago. Same model.
  26. Avatar
    Lying gits didn't have them at my local store. Just like another special buy last week wasn't at the store. No shelf space, nothing.
    It's not a good deal anyway. Months ago I picked up a 10,000 mAh with wireless charging power bank off Amazon for about £12. Even with inflation I'm sure there's probably something like this on there.
  27. Avatar
    Just got the last one.
    The person before me got 100 - to sell them on Amazon
    Retail armitage
  28. Avatar
    Can't find it!, and no staff on the shop floor at all
    They have charging cables but no power banks ?
  29. Avatar
    Looking for high capacity power bank which can charge laptop. Prices are crazy at the moment.
  30. Avatar
    I bought one of these but had to take it back because it wouldn’t charge my iPhone up via a cable (USB C to USB C) and I couldn’t charge it up. When I got the replacement home, the same thing happened. Am I just unlucky to pick up two duff ones or am I doing something wrong.
    They seem to need to be powered right up to full and down again a couple of times for the numbers on the display to mean anything. Did you at least start my charging it right up to full before connecting it to the iPhone?