Tropicana 2l Orange Juice Asda £2

Tropicana 2l Orange Juice Asda £2

Found 11th May 2011Made hot 12th May 2011
Orange Juice 2 litre Tropicana smooth and with bits just £2. Making it cheaper than even the unbranded not from concentrate juices. Watch out they are also selling the 1.5l and 1.75l for £2 in big sneaky displays so be careful to find the 2l. (Its spring oranges are meant to get cheaper).


Just about to post this, good deal for Tropicana

Good deal, Sainsburys are doing 2x1ltr for £3

same at morrisons,if no asda near you

with bits FTW

OJ? We are NOT American even if that brand is. It's orange juice!!

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Happy? Or would you rather it was in pints?

asda does this deal every other month!

Good offer. It was still available today.
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