Tropicana Trop 50 Orange Juice Smooth 1.4L £0.99 @ 99P Stores

Tropicana Trop 50 Orange Juice Smooth 1.4L £0.99 @ 99P Stores

Found 11th May 2015
Saw this in my local 99p store Brixton

Its the big one 1.4 litre they had a fridge full

They had
Orange and Mango
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Trop50 is not 100% juice
Has a sweetners added and other ingredients p

Trop50 is not 100% juiceHas a sweetners added and other ingredients p

agree, bought this from the 99p store over the weekend and found it too sweet. il stick to the original Tropicana
Same, bought in 99p Store, the orange and mango variant. It is indeed 50% juice plus water, vitamin C, thickeners, preservatives and usual concoction of chemicals. The USP seems to be it contains extract of stevia plant, a natural sweetener (as opposed to chemically synthesised) - however this is not naturally found in oranges or mangoes.

Not completely vile but probably not worth buying again.
heat added op next cheapest same size £2 @tesco

asda 3.28
sainsburys 3.60

also while we are at it for the ill informed all other fruit juices are made up with sugar and the only difference is this has 50% less sugar than any of the rest hence the name trop 50 and is the only one that does this in the market.
also why people moaning they don't like it as there not getting there usual sugar rush.
people should learn to read the little info panels it tells you all there.

people should be voting on price

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