Tropico 3 PC Download £17.99 (trade in value £15) @ Greenman Gaming

Tropico 3 PC Download £17.99 (trade in value £15) @ Greenman Gaming

Found 6th Jul 2010
You can download this game - play it - and then trade it back for £15 - so not bad for £2.99.

The time is yesterday and the Cold War is in full swing. Through means devious and dubious you have seized power in the Caribbean island country of Tropico, where you now rule as the all-powerful "El Presidente".

You decide whether you want to use your army to secure your power base in the best traditions of corrupt, unscrupulous tyrants everywhere or lead your people to prosperity in your role as generous elder statesman.

No matter whether you turn Tropico into a vacation paradise, a police state or a modern industrial nation - you will always have to defend your actions before your people! Wander through Tropico as El Presidente in order to intimidate political opponents, hold populist speeches or just to enjoy your country's own Caribbean flair.

Don't forget to keep a sharp eye on the dangers and side-effects of your absolute power! Danger lurks on every corner, be it militant revolutionaries bent on installing a communist junta, or the machinations of the superpowers USA and the Soviet Union, both of whom would like to see a more amenable ruler in strategically important Tropico!

History takes its course with events such as the Cuba crisis, papal visits and other actual decisive historical events.

The only question is whether or not you can play a role in that history!


* Comprehensive campaign with 15 different missions
* A variety of business sectors: Tourism, petroleum, mining, agriculture, etc.
* A timeline editor allows you to create your own fictive historical events or enter real ones
* Avatar function: Wander the island as El Presidente and change the course of play
* Political speeches, edicts and "other" means of influence
* A wide range of editing and modification functions
* Mission generator for random map creation
* The cinematic, highly detailed graphics perfectly reflect
* A variety of online-functions such as high scores or visiting islands belonging to other players
* Great Latin soundtrack


£15 trade in now give it a week and they will drop that once they have sold all the copies they want to shift!…cts?q=tropico&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wf

under £10 on amazon or £11 at Game and then trade in a copy to these guys seems less risky to me. Personally I'd rather walk into game give em my money and then trade it back to these people and make £4 than spend it or go to amazon and do the same.

showing £17.99 for me

How do you trade in a downloaded game?.

I don't understand what Green Man Gaming is. "Download new and used games at unbelievable prices"? How are downloads considered 'used'?
It's basically saying, buy a game, play it, revoke your access to it, get CREDIT on buying other games, trade them back in for more CREDIT and so on. I wouldn't call this a deal since when you trade in you don't get money back, you just get credit and would probably have to spend more money with it to get good games. Or maybe I misunderstood it...

Also I don't think Tropico is a renty-type of game, it's a city builder which takes time and effort and has no real end (until you're too old or lose the elections that is).
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