Troy: Directors Cut (Blu-ray) - £5.99 @ Play (and Amazon)

Troy: Directors Cut (Blu-ray) - £5.99 @ Play (and Amazon)

Found 24th Dec 2010
Decent price for a good movie.

In 1193B.C. the dandy Trojan prince Paris (Bloom) irresponsibly spirits away the unhappy wife of Menelaus (Gleeson), the Spartan king. Demanding the return of Helen, the Greeks launch a thousand ships and lay siege to Troy. Under the command of Agamemnon (Cox), revered warrior Achilles (Pitt) leads the Greek forces against the Trojan defenders, commanded by Hector (Bana), who carries the fate of his nation on his shoulders...

Special Features

* Troy Revisited: An Introduction By Wolfgang Petersen.
* Troy In Focus: The Talent And Resources An Epic Movie Requires.
* In The Thick Of Battle: The Film's Thrilling Action Sequences.
* From Ruins to Reality: The History Behind The Production Design.
* Troy
* An Effects Odyssey: The Secrets Behind The Miraculous Special Effects.
* Attacking Troy: Gearing Up For An On-Screen Siege.
* Greek Ship Towing.
* Theatrical Trailer.


Directors cut - leaving in only what is relevant and good would make it maybe 25 minutes.

If it was £2 it would still only be warm.epic story ruined by Hollywood


I actually enjoyed the film - I think a straight book to film transfer of The Iliad would be pretty tedious.
Anyway - read the book, HERE, for nowt.

great movie.
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