Trresemme shampoo & conditioners £1.00 900ML normally £4.19  Asda

Trresemme shampoo & conditioners £1.00 900ML normally £4.19 Asda


was this on the normal shelf or on a clearance shelf

not showing that price online??

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Reduced shelf price, not clearance though- was in main hair section. Showing as £3 online but definitley just £1 in shop.

Amazing price, wanna stock up but not that close to me!

In asda?

I saw them too!

Awesome price. thanks for telling.

Thanks for this one, myself and the mrs will be off to asda boldon this morning.


nice bargain but i found this shampoo really me dandruff and hair becomes very dry.not for me.
voted HOT though!!!!!

Excellent price off to Asda today anyway so will be getting lots!! H+R added :-D

Great price, rubbish product!

cold, i prefer head and shoulders.

£3 in my local London store

this is £3 instore and online

£3 in ASDA superstore Derby (Spondon)

loads of stock in Birchwood, Warrington store for £1

This is the stuff I use. I so fail at being a man.

not in Parkhead asda. anyone know in any asda in glasgow, hamilton area. Heat added.


£3 in ASDA superstore Derby (Spondon)

in cardiff, leckwith store most are 3.00 but one particular tresemme shampoo is 1.00, have a look at the different labels, didnt see any conditioner though that was all 3.00 - heat added thanks
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