Tru Calling - The Complete Series DVD just £10.97 delivered @ Amazon

Tru Calling - The Complete Series DVD just £10.97 delivered @ Amazon

Found 2nd Feb 2009Made hot 2nd Feb 2009
As the title says the complete Series of Tru Calling is available on Amazon for just £10.97! Its a 8-disc set lasting 999 minutes - great for just over a tenner!

The next cheapest is £24.89 @ Sentit and the RRP is £39.99 so either way its a bargain :-)

Tru Calling Reviews
Tru Calling's trump cards are its intriguing paranormal premise and the lead performance by the underrated Eliza Dushku (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), both of which have earned it a small but loyal audience; both of these virtues are preserved in this eight-disc set that includes not only every single episode but a surprising amount of supplemental features. Dushku plays Tru Davies, a young morgue attendant who discovers, much to her dismay, that she can hear the voices of the dead, as well as reverse their fates; with the help of her brother (Shawn Reaves) and boss (Zack Galifianakis), Tru relives the last day of these people's lives in order to prevent their untimely deaths. Episodic highlights include "Valentine," which pits Tru against a serial killer; "Closure," in which a young war hero attempts to reunite with his girlfriend after his death; "Murder in the Morgue," which revolves around the killing of a bride on her wedding day; and "Daddy's Girl," which reveals some disturbing news regarding Tru's past and introduces Jason Priestley as the sinister-seeming Jack Harper, a man with powers similar to hers, but with very different intentions regarding the recently deceased. The eight-disc set includes all the episodes from both series, several featuring commentary by cast and crew; deleted scenes and a music video for Full Blown Rose's theme song, "Can Somebody Help Me," round out the extras. -- Paul Gaita



Not that good a deal. It used to be £8.97 at amazon. Stuff like this normally goes down in price as it ages, not up.


Not that good a deal. It used to be £8.97 at amazon. Stuff like this … Not that good a deal. It used to be £8.97 at amazon. Stuff like this normally goes down in price as it ages, not up.

Good deal - so heat added. Operative word being used to be. ;-)

rep added as well



Good deal - so heat added. Operative word being used to be. ;-)

If you think it's a deal then go for it. This is one that is often lower in price than this - eg a quid cheaper less than a fortnight ago.…se/

Good deal. One of those cancelled programs that needed a few more eps to wind up. Even tv movie would have nailed it.

Yeah, no ending. No fun.


Started watching this a while back and gave up due to the excessive continuity errors.


Yeah, no ending. No fun.Cold.

Agreed. I lost interest quite quickly - many repetitive episodes, and when it started getting interesting it got cancelled. Shame really.

Certainly entertaining for the money, but I would prioritise some other series before getting this one (such as Sopranos, West Wing, Babylon 5, Band of Brothers, Battlestar)

Great series, shame they never made more.

I ordered this on 23rd Sep 2007 from Amazon (Jersey) - was 6.97 pounds back then, so this deal isn't the cheapest they've done it for so far (yes, I bought other stuff with it back then, so I got free postage). Mind you, I haven't even bothered looking at any of the episodes yet!

i saw this the other night and searched, it was already posted by the sharky pic above^ so didnt bother, just bumped it now its £1 dearer people vote it hot :?

everything i post people have something or the other to moan about, i just dont think this is hot when i even bumped it for people to see :oops:

*runs away to hide from the backlash*

thanks just ordered :thumbsup:

liked this show, it was just getting interesting, specially regarding her father


Yeah, no ending. No fun.Cold.

Usually I'd agree, I make a big effort to find out if there's a proper ending before starting a new series, because I can't hack being cut off in the middle of something. It's bad enough if a series cliffhangers for a year, but if it's cancellled... forget about it.

I was recently appalled by the BBCs Survivors, which was described as a 'miniseries', which implies 'ending'. They went nowhere for several episodes, and then tied up all the threads that had been just about suggesting something into a single contrived cliffhanger ending.

I won't actually bother watching the next series - that kind of BS offends me.

HOWEVER, there's an exception to every rule. In the case of Firefly all that mattered was that it was there. Less than 8 quid ]in this post.

(Course, there is an ending now - the movie 'Serenity'.)

Loved this show. Shame it was cancelled. Not really an ending to the series, but fun anyway.
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