True Blood Series 1 & 2 £15.00 in Asda stores

True Blood Series 1 & 2 £15.00 in Asda stores

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Series 1 & 2 of True Blood are now £15.00 in Asda stores. That's the cheapest i have seen anywhere


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Do not use the link, this is in store!

that is cheap!

£15 each or £15 for both?

Yeah was that for both or each?

Which store was this?

It's £15 each


Just remember there's only 12 x 50 minute episodes a season. That said, it does rock!


SOOOKIEEE!!! Jason got to be the funnest character mind you!

Season 1 = Sex sex sex
Season 2 = Everyone goes a bit mad!
Season 3 = BRILLIANT!

Great price good find!

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Sorry didn't rectify that i meant £15 each series, that's £15 cheaper by buying the 2 seperate than buying the series 1 & 2 box set which is around £48

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And that was in Birmingham incase you wondered

you should ebay then.....i got series 1 & 2 last christmas for £34. just after season 1 had finished over here.

I'd spend an extra £5 or so per set for the Blu-rays, but thats just me.

Fantastic price for these - great show!

Boxset £25 on Amazon for both series together.
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