True Romance: Director's Cut (Blu-ray) £9.99 delivered @

True Romance: Director's Cut (Blu-ray) £9.99 delivered @

Found 4th Nov 2009
Two lovers (Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette) are thrust into a dangerous game of high-stakes negotiations and high-speed adventure. The pair come into unexpected possession of a suitcase of mob contraband. Fleeing to Los Angeles, they hope to sell the goods and begin a new life. But both sides of the law have other ideas...


Amazing film, the Walken scene is one of the Hollywood greats.
Even have it as an audio file on my portable

Ace film
tempted to buy but already have the 2 disc special edition on DVD

one of my favourite films

The picture quality isn't that great ya know... Save the pennies if you already have the dvd imo.

its a bad print

Sadly, True Romance features a drab and dreary 1080p/VC-1 transfer that fails to recover from a slew of fundamental technical issues. Each scene admittedly looks better than it ever has before, but skintones are either flushed, bronzed, or smeared, contrast is inconsistent and murky, blacks are often left unresolved, shadow delineation is underwhelming, and an unnecessarily heavy application of noise reduction robs the image of facial detail, fine textures, and overall clarity. While some slight edge enhancement has been implemented to artificially "fix" these less-than-desirable side effects, it merely adds minor ringing to the transfer's growing list of problems. Taken as a whole, it isn't a complete loss -- as squishy and overworked as every close-up may be, I doubt the film could have looked any better unless the studio had granted it an expensive, original print restoration -- but the picture is flat and lifeless throughout. Diehard Romancers will probably declare this to be the version to own since it boasts a notable upgrade over the 2002 Special Edition DVD. However, casual fans and newcomers alike will be left wondering what went wrong. Hopefully, Warner will revisit Scott and Tarantino's lovechild in the future and give it a proper high definition treatment.
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