True Romance DVD - £2.99 delivered @ HMV

True Romance DVD - £2.99 delivered @ HMV

Found 23rd Feb 2010Made hot 24th Feb 2010
My favourite film ever, if you haven't ever seen it it is well worth £2.99 delivered!


one of my favourite films too, great price


Great film, thanks for your post lucas

I've added a price and a retailer name to your title, we always try to include these when posting deals. Thanks

Cracking film, cracking price.

Saw this when it had just come out many years ago. Title threw me a little as I was expecting a girly love story. How wrong I was. One of my faves films ever and at this price will have to get a copy.

Quality, classic flick........!


Epic film, worth every penny.

Vanilla DVD, expect it to be around this price and nothing more. Had it been the 2-Disc set, then that's hot.

Dennis Hopper & Christopher Walken scene makes it worth the money alone


Dennis Hopper & Christopher Walken scene makes it worth the money alone

One of the most famous scenes ever! I watched this again a couple of weeks ago for probably the 10th time!! It is a must see for any movie fan.

Try and catch Tarantino's DC, completely changes the order of scenes making for a much more cohesive story

great film, have not seen this for a long time. thanks

brill movie

love the bit when Dennis Hopper explains why white men have black hair .... bet half the BNP dont realise they are mixed race

Gary Oldman as Drexel the white pimp who thinks hes black ... quality film.
H&R to OP

i have to agree with another poster here - 2.99 for a vanilla dvd is nothing groundbreaking - 4.98 for the special edition at amazon
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