True skate free on Amazon App Store
True skate free on Amazon App Store

True skate free on Amazon App Store

it is only free for this weekend and you get on the amazon app.

Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.


More people chipping in with cold votes and leaving no reason.

This game is a great little time passer, and I'd have been happy to have paid for it, though I picked it up free last time. I suspect the cold voters are because it has the option to make in game purchases. What they always neglect to realise is that with this game, the in game purchases only get you things that you can have for free by simply playing the game - it is an optional shortcut.

Too many people have latched onto the idea that in-app purchases automatically means "freemium" and means buying premium currency for special items that are not available otherwise. Unfortunately that means that many freebie games that have other reasons for in-app purchases are voted cold because of people's ignorance.

free game is a free game , heat from me

I love this game great for passing time and when you get use to it you can get loads of points
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