True Skate in Google Play Store 10p

True Skate in Google Play Store 10p

Found 15th Aug 2016Made hot 15th Aug 2016
True Skate is only 10p in Google Play Store


Bought with google play rewards. Looks like a good game. Thanks!

It's a great game. I bought it the last time it was at this price. To be honest though, it should be free with the amount which each park costs, but I've bought most of the parks as it is a very fun game which doesn't rely on an online connection. I've passed the time on many flights with this game.

it's not worth 10p there's only 1 park for base game. It should have been a freemium game.
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The controls on this game are a bit of a learning curve.

I prefer touch grind 1+2. Comparing those to this, this is horrible, I got it free during an Amazon app of the day. I've installed it about 4 times tried it and deleted it each time.

Bought this tonight, really impressed with it, reminiscent of childhood finger boards.
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