Truffles for 0.01p (£5.99 del) approvedfood

Truffles for 0.01p (£5.99 del) approvedfood

Found 11th May 2016
Very cheap food but delivery costs are not cheap. Also check expiry date as some food is already expired or about to expire soon.
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This company also sells cars for 1p.
You just have to pay £9,999.99 delivery, which is also a little expensive but you're getting a brand new vehicle for 1p so can't complain!
Considering how far past their BBE date some of those items are they aren't that cheap. As an example these work out at 30p each + postage, but I got them for 20p each when they were just going out of date in a supermarket last year:…776

I'm not fussy about dates on food (unless its refrigerated) but I've seen things on there up to a year out of date.
But if you order in more quantity and check expiry dates it works out cheaper than any other super market. In the past, I have saved lots of money but need to double check twice before ordering due to expiry dates and expensive postage. The website is very friendly.
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