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Trunki range half price instore @ Sainsburys - £19.99
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Trunki range half price instore @ Sainsburys - £19.99

Posted 6th May 2012

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just been to sainsburys in derby and found the trunki range half price @ £19.99 we bought the penelope one but had bumble, bee ladybird, london 2012 and more on shelf
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wish they had Trunki's in my local sainsburys - i really want the same one as you have got - they only have 20% off online - heat added
Not seen them in Solihull either. Great price for those who can find one. Heat added.
we saw the online price and thought we would buy instore using nectar points, glad we went now as 50% off instore instead of 20%

Green Trunki is still £17.49 at Waitrose and there is still stock eg Canterbury store still has them.
Green one was unavailable @ sainsburys good deal if waitrose near by
my local waitrose doesnt stock Trunki's either
We're the seats also half price??
They only had the suitcases sorry
Tamworth had the Fereddie the Fire Engine one half price, but there were none left :-(. Will have to check to see if the others have now gone down to half price as well as they weren't the other day - thanks.
great offer if you can get one but my nearest Sainsburys is 50 miles away. Wish the same offer was online
Which derby store was it?
The one next to showcase cinema.
The one next to showcase cinema.
i have checked 4 sainsburys close to me and none of them have Trunki's in stock yet
None in the Kinross store but I wasn't expecting to see them as it's a small branch.
Hmmm...I'm wondering if mothercare would price match to this since the shelf label is here. Sainsburys here never has anything like this, its only small.
Likely to price match with £10 voucher as needs to be over £20
Just bought the Trunki Fire Truck from Wigan Sainsburys for £19.99 but that's the only one they had on offer. Phoned many other stores to get a Penelope one but had no luck. I called the store in Derby and they said they only had the Penelope one on offer and no others. It seems a bit hit and miss if you can get one. Heat added for the Fire Truck.
Strange derby store told
U only
Penelope was 19.99 as they all were. ? Oh well glad u got
One in the end for the discounted price
just been into mothercare and showed them your pictures and they have let me have penelope for £19.99
Plenty of Trunkis at my local but all full price. Just phoned Sainsburys and they said it's just Penelope and Freddie as they are discontinued. Checked stock for my local and they have none. Fingers crossed for Waitrose.
Just phoned Waitrose. Nearest place that has them is 50 miles away. Looks like a trip to Mothercare.

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real shame it isnt £20 as mothercare would then give you a £10 voucher aswell
Been to my local Manchester Regent Retail Park and it all full price. So, it's cold for me!
Went into Mothercare. They said the picture isn't clear enough to see it's been reduced to £19.99.They wont take OP's word for it. They phoned the nearest Sainsburys.They have only the pink Trunki reduced to £24.99.
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