Trust 2.1 speakers, £9.99 del. from 7dayshop

Trust 2.1 speakers, £9.99 del. from 7dayshop

Found 19th Mar 2010
I'm actually just trying to work out how to post so apologies if the deals a bit lame but you're welcome to give me some rep regardless.
Also, I very much doubt that the system is actually 24w but seems to be a decent price nevertheless.


not bad, heat added


not bad at all- in fact pretty damn good for the money

Anyone know what the build quality is like on these?

Have trust and buy this 'Trust' product It does have 24 Watts power and is one of the best I have used. Had previously paid £24.99 for it and it's worth every penny. Just ordered another one now.
Heat added!
Buy it now >>>>> !!!

good deal just orederd mine

bit the bullet and ordered, hope they're strong enough to withstand my lifestyle!

Think they've sold out - link no longer works & can't find them on the search

i got small trust usb speakers they are really good

*******s emailed me sayin they cancelled my order cause they dont have any stock left!
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