Trust Urban Revolt Headset - Future Breeze £7.99 @ PCworld/currys instore

Trust Urban Revolt Headset - Future Breeze £7.99 @ PCworld/currys instore

Found 17th Aug 2012
not sure if its nationwide but a good deal considering its counter part the midnight magic headset is going for £11.70

Trust Future Breeze

There is something new on its way, a new sound, and a new style. Trust is pleased to introduce the Urban Revolt Headsets. Show who you really are with these new, urban headsets powered by Trust. Enabling a headset on more than just a pair of speakers on your ears, but a way to show your style, who you are and what you stand for.

Sound Performance

Once you have made your choice of style, you will be stunned by the sound performance, due to the 40mm drivers. Plug in your headset into your notebook, PC, MP3 player, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, PSP or Nintendo DS and you are ready for action, instant pleasure for your ears!

Chatting and Gaming
Product Description
Integrated within the headset is a high quality microphone which
optimizes clear speech for the user, making it an ideal headset for use with chatting programs such as MSN/Live Messenger, Skype etc. Online gaming is brought to life with the Urban Revolt Headset, you now have the ability to chat to opponents, share tactical decisions and overall enhance the online gaming experience.

Calling Feature
Hands free communication also becomes available with this headset. There is no longer any need to remove the headset when a call comes through when the 1 metre long cable is attached to your iPhone or Blackberry. A special button for answering calls just needs to bed pressed and communication can be maintained whilst on the move. The option of a button to mute PC microphone or pickup calls is also present on the headset.
Extended Cable

Also included with the Headset is an extra 1 metre converter cable to connect to your notebook or PC. You will always have enough freedom of movement, giving the Urban Revolt Headset everything to make you move. So what are you waiting for?


The specially designed headset allows comfort for all users. Comfortable and light weight design with adjustable headband and big soft ear pads allow full enjoyment for the user.

Stand Out in the Crowd

Stop standing still and get moving with these sturdy, brand new headsets. Urban Revolt has everything that you are looking for in a headset: great sound, unprecedented possibilities and a unique design. That is no word of a lie, because these new headsets are available in six exuberant styles: Morning Fire, Future Breeze, Afternoon Glow, Evening Cool, Midnight Magic and Night Splash. Each of these styles has a unique urban design with a print that distinguishes you from the crowd. Therefore, see which Urban Revolt style is most suitable for you.

Trust Warranty

This item comes with a 3 year warranty. The Trust website can provide you with full detailed features of the product as well as a FAQ section to offer further assistance. The website also allows for registration so you can receive up to date information about your product as well as future Trust products and promotions. Every single instruction manual can be downloaded from the website if it has been lost or is unavailable.
Trust Urban Revolt: 17555

- Stand out now! Express your style with this urban design headset
- High quality design with integrated microphone and 40mm drivers for great sound performance
- Works with your notebook; PC; MP3 player; iPod; iPhone; iPad; Blackberry; PSP and Nintendo DS
- Comfortable and light weight design with adjustable headband and big soft ear pads to fully enjoy your music
- With inline-microphone making it suitable for chatting; online gaming sessions and telephony applications such as Skype
- 1 meter cable attached and extra 1 meter converter cable to connect your notebook or PC
- With button to mute PC microphone or pickup calls when using iPhone; Blackberry and Skype for iPad
Package contents:
- Headset
- PC/notebook connect cable
- Users guide
System requirements
- For notebook/PC: 3.5 mm headphone output; 3.5 mm microphone input
- For mobile device: 1x 3.5 mm audio in-&output (available on iPhone; iPod; iPad; MP3 player; Blackberry; Sony PSP and Nintendo DS)
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Yea but only one problem. All deals they have on here, never have stock in any where. They probably just got a couple of these and decide to put them on website, so we all go have a look. Hopefully there sell us some other crap.
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