Trusteer Rapport anti-phishing plug-in - recommended by many banks

Trusteer Rapport anti-phishing plug-in - recommended by many banks

Found 31st Jan 2010
I just received a message from HSBC recommending me to use Rapport from security experts Trusteer:

"[W]e've teamed up with the financial security experts at Trusteer to bring you their Rapport security software, which will:

- Help protect your HSBC Internet Banking logon details even if your computer is infected with spyware

- Notify you if you've mistakenly navigated to a fraudulent website

- Install in seconds, with no need to restart your computer

Rapport doesn't replace your existing antivirus and firewall software. It's designed to work in conjunction with this valuable protection."

Rapport is free and you don't need an HSBC account to get it. However as stated, "if your bank offers the Trusteer Rapport plug-in then please download from the bank's website."
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Banks already offering Rapport:
- Alliance & Leicester
- Amegy Bank
- Carolina First Bank
- Central Bank KY
- Coutts
- Coventry Building Society
- HSBC (coming soon)
- HSBC Business Internet Banking
- Huntington National Bank
- iTransfer
- Mercantile Bank
- National Bank of Arizona
- NatWest
- Nevada State Bank
- President’s Choice Financial
- The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
- ShareBuilder
- SiebertNet
- Somerset Hills Bank
- Ulster Bank
- Vectra Bank
- Zions Bank
Here's the product info from Trusteer:

Rapport secures browser communication from keyboard to website. It detects and prevents Man–in-the-Browser, Man-in-the-middle, phishing, and other attacks launched directly against the user.

The Rapport service includes a lightweight browser security plug-in, as well as cloud-based analysis and reporting services. The browser plug-in works with all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, both on Windows and Mac.

When users browse to sensitive websites such as online banking, Webmail, or payment pages, the Rapport plug-in immediately locks down the browser, and prevents any unauthorized access to web pages and sensitive information that flow through the browser.

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This browser lockdown is achieved through a combination of access control, encryption, and verification technologies that take place in the background, completely transparent to the user.

The purpose of the browser lockdown is to prevent malware known as Man-in-the-Browser from accessing the browser itself, as well as keystrokes typed into the browser, and communication that enters and leaves the browser. While the browser is locked down, malware cannot read the content of web pages, or information entered into these websites. Malware cannot tamper with web pages or web communication.

In addition to locking down the browser, Rapport also locks down communication with the website. It authenticates the website, and forces end-to-end secure communication with the website. This communication lockdown prevents both Man-in-the-middle and phishing attacks, and prevents criminals from accessing sensitive web communication.

Unauthorized attempts to access the browser or its communication are automatically reported to the Trusteer cloud-based fraud analysis service. The Trusteer team of fraud analysts works 24x7 analyzing this information from customers all over the world, in order to identify new attack patterns. Institutions registered for the Trusteer service receive immediate reports and actionable alerts of new attacks, and can learn of attacks as they happen, instead of days, weeks, and sometimes months later.

Been using this for a while now. Works fine on XP pro sp3.

Link without the bank.…tml
Free version is available to protect 3 sites only,you have to upgrade.
To purchase a license click Add To Cart and then click PayPal to continue to checkout. You can purchase a license for multiple PCs by clicking Add To Chart and then changing the Quantity to the number of PCs you need to protect. We use PayPal to collect the payment. You do not need a PayPal account to complete the purchase and can use your credit card instead. PayPal accepts both PayPal accounts and credit cards.

Item Delivery Price (USD)
Rapport for a single PC (1-year subscription) Online $29.95 Add to Cart View Cart
Rapport for a single PC (3-year subscription) Online $69.99 Add to Cart View Cart
Mmm damn. Waiting to see what version HSBC offers to customers, but I'm bound to believe it's the full one. Anybody who got it through A&L, RBS or NatWest?
[QUOTE=Pokchop;7712213]Free version is available to protect 3 sites only,you have to upgrade.

I certainly protect far more than 3 sites (into the 40s at present) with the free version. :whistling:
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