TSA suitcase padlock Pack of 2 £5 @ Asda instore

TSA suitcase padlock Pack of 2 £5 @ Asda instore

Found 15th May 2013
TSA pack of 2 padlock.

Allows security personnel access to your luggage whilst giving you piece of mind that no-one else can access it, also good for ensuring that your luggage doesn't open spewing your underwear over the carousel ?

Normally use cable ties but sometimes opening them at your destination is a bugbear.
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Seems to instore only as I can't find them online.

Found at Asda Kirkton Dundee but also in stock at Asda Milton Dundee.
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tsa.gov/tra…cks seems legit and like a good deal, will have a look in local store. thanks OP
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Good deal if you are travelling to America but I got a pack of 2 combination padlocks from the 99p store.
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What piece of your mind?

Sorry couldn't help it.
I don't bother as my case is a soft case with zip and you can break into a zipped case using a biro!

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