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£500 worldwide Gadget insurance (including mobile) loss/accidental from £3 pm @ TSB
31/05/2018Expires on 31/05/2018Found 16th MayFound 16th May
You no longer need home insurance with TSB to buy the old ‘extras’ they are standalone policies - currently now with £5 off until 31st May :) Cheapest O could get it to was £3pm.… Read more

If ive just smashed the screen on my tv could i not just go out now and purchase contents insurance for £60yr and straight away make a claim to get my tv screen fixed? Or will that not work


That's what I thought, especially considering it then covers other gadgets, not just mobile phone. :)


That’s a bloody good deal! I didn’t even know TSB done gadget insurance- never even seen it in branch advertised


But with nationwide you get breakdown insurance for the same price. And I bet you could get better deals from other companies for having your mortgage and insurance with them rather than Barclays :(


This post isnt really that accurate as I get this reward for various bits. https://www.barclays.co.uk/current-accounts/blue-rewards/ so the rewards are; pay them £3 get £7 back (Double this month for may at £14) extra £5 for mortgage with them extra £3 for building insurance

Free Android Phone for TSB Online for Business Users
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Bit niche is this, but I'm eligible and I know two more people who are - and it's FREE! TSB Bank Plc (“TSB”) are providing an Alcatel Pixi 3.5 smartphone as a free gift to … Read more
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Awww I'm with Lloyds for biz :(


I have no intention of using it - selling on FleeBlay for £25-35, people there will buy anything!


i got one of these new for about a tenner. actually the phone was under a quid and the top up was a tenner. absolutely terrible phone


You'll have to try using this phone with their app to know what I mean... I would guess you'll end up inputting the wrong details and locking yourself out - It really isn't worth it There is really nothing convenient about it! A cheap calculator would be more useful


If the waiter put's 2 after dinner mints down on your plate, you can't grumble because they're After 8's. They're free!!!!!

Earn 7.4% on TSB Classic Plus Account
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Don't know how this will go down lol.. Part 1: TSB now pay 5% on their Classic Plus Account (current account) on balances up to £1,500, which translates to £6.16 for a 30 day mo… Read more

How? Please explain


I did this too. Can we also do the monthly direct debits to get the interest or is that for new customers only?


Been getting 9% since day 1


Just go online and open a new account, I have two Classic Plus accounts ;)


£10, i can make that last 3/4 or more days healthy meals :D

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Earn up to £375 recommending friends to TSB (£75 per friend)
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
TSB has extended its recommend-a-friend offer. The incentive was due to end next week but has now been extended to 9 April. This is what’s on offer: Classic Plus current acco… Read more
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Tsb cut the interest to 3% and also cut the amount you earn it on to £1500 from £2000 which means you earned less than half before. They then launch new customer only deals. Just the same as any other bank. Then the adverts say we're different. They're only different as then they screw you more. Interest rates go back to .5% and tsb don't raise it back up. Just like any other bank. So bye bye TSB also they charge one of the highest oversees fees. You get 2.99% non-sterling fee plus 3% cash machine fee and a load fee of a £1 just for the cheek of using your card abroad


Cold. I haven't got any friends.

£75 for you AND a friend for recommending them to TSB ** Please Do Not Offer Referrals **
Found 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
Whatever your friends are like, we’ll give you and up to five of them £75 each if they switch to our Classic Plus account. That’s £375 for you, just for being friendly and introd… Read more

TSB provides an Interest rate of 3%/annum along with a 10 £/monthly incentive if you do atleast 20 transactions/month and keep atleast 2 direct debits active from your account. To take advantage of this, apply for a Classic Plus account between 05/02/2018 and 05/03/2018 using the link you have received from the referrer.Before starting the application, cookies will need to be enabled on your browser so that you and the referrer can receive the reward payment. Complete a full switch from your existing current account with another provider to TSB using the Current Account Switch Service.You can choose to switch your account to us when you apply for a Classic Plus account or after you’ve opened it. Within 28 days of the switch completing, you must have a minimum of 2 active Direct Debits registered on your TSB Classic Plus account and pay at least £500 into it. The offer is limited to the first 5,000 referees who open and switch to a TSB Classic Plus account.


Brilliant been with tsb for a while now can't fault them at all


It's not a case of it'll be cheaper but that they could get more (unless you are willing to give them some of your £75 to make up for it) if they are willing to wait for the next deal. The only drawback to waiting is that they could be potentially losing £10/mth. When I switched to them last June I got a £130 lump sum via an MSE link, and am still with them. Unless something better comes along, I am sticking with them until June '18 when the £5+£5 cashback deals are supposed to finish. They are not the best bank in the world. They would not just switch me when I applied. I had to open the account with them first then apply to switch. I had a £250 overdraft with my old bank which I dipped into about twice but with TSB I had to wait 3 months. After 3 months I applied for £100 again and it said I it had been referred and I had to phone them about it. I phoned and they said I couldn't have it and they wouldn't tell my why. So now I'm stuck with a safety net of either £10 or £25 pounds between me and an unauthorised overdraft.


Didn't know they did referrals! I quite like their mobile app, prefer it over the website :)


So never buy anything in case it's cheaper months down the line!?

10 Year Mortgages from TSB 2.34% fixed for ten years 60% LTV £995 fee or no fee but pay 2.44%. Appears its the same rate for first time buyers
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
10 year fixed rate mortgages for moving home and first time buyers. A fixed rate mortgage means your mortgage payments stay the same during the fixed rate period so they're easier … Read more

Just an update can't even see my mortgage account for two months and hours wait on the phone. Gave up in the end. Can't wait to leave and glad I didn't extend. Anyone managed to leave? Why should I pay these charlatens? If I can leave penalty free then I would as far as I am concerned they are in breach of their terms. They would penalise you heavly for it but they can get away with poor service and pay nothing. Any one managed to leave penalty free or had their fees reduced?


Some investors are talking about 3 to 5 more of these "market correction" selloffs. When interest rates rise to 3 or 4 percent, markets will crash. All of this before 2020. Then, the recession... Peter Schiff explains: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAEUTVV_voo&t=3s


Its all i wanted was to extend my fix you think they'd want the money bit someone was saying about funding. The funny thing is they would not be lending anymore money. They still want to charge the fees. So in two years i will not be using tsb for my next mortgage deal! Tey're loss


Today's stock market crash is a symptom of the toxic derivative markets at play behind the scenes. Usually, if you're seeing the stock market plunging like this, you see the bond markets rising as the money flies to safety. It hasn't gone into spot precious metals, bitcoin, or anything else. This is not normal. Is this the start of the loss of centralized control? Who knows. Please be very, very careful if you are thinking about a mortgage.


It won't be good for the young ones if their parents don't prepare them.

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TSB Classic Plus current account: £10/month cashback for day-to-day banking
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Strictly speaking, this isn’t a new deal but TSB has announced the extension of its monthly cashback offer for Classic Plus account customers. New customers opening a TSB Classi… Read more
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and, just for the record, i am not touting to make referrals by anyone contacting me with their email address... so, that's got that straight!


you'll have to check the details but, from various deals, i recall some won't entertain you again if you were with them sometime in the last x years or if you've already claimed in the last x years. obviously, everyone needs a bank account so, i found nationwide a good one... (flexdirect, i think). £10.00 a month but regular savings acc 5% available, plus masses of cover, something like road recorder, phone replaceement, euro travel and possibly a something else too. you also geta split 200.00 with whoever 'invites' you to join... just sayin'. good luck... and if anyone wants any further details... erm... y'know...


This. I feel like I might as well just leave, wait a year or whatever it is and rejoin. This is not how to treat loyal customers. I'd be surprised if I'm still with them at the end of this year.


Already with FD long-term, mortgage etc, cannot move. Will take a look at HSBC, one shouldn't preclude the other, (even though same group)


HSBC and Firstdirect if you haven't already (the bonuses on these alone beat the £10*12 at TSB). Halifax payout £75 before your switch even completes (could have the bonus in your account within a week if you choose the soonest switch date offered)

TSB 10-year fix mortgage 2.34%, maximum LTV 60%
Found 15th Dec 2017Found 15th Dec 2017
If you are keen to fix your mortgage rate for a decade, TSB’s 10-year fix is worth considering. The deal is as follows: Mortgage rate fixed at 2.34% for 10 years (up to 31 … Read more
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It annoys me that with a phone you can recontract. But on a mortgage you can't i offered TSB that i would renew my mortgage as three years left of a five year fix. I would take this deal and i'm locked in for ten years. You think for the money they would do it. Nope you will still have to pay exit fees! Yup i understand if i wanted to leave. But in a way i'm extending my mortgage. Nope you habe to pay the fees. Ok fair enough i will pay my three years and will not be using TSB once when the deal ends! Seems silly


unless rates creep up after 4 years and then you may be stuck paying a lot after a 5 year fix ends!


Well technically you can (angel) depends on interest rates at the end of the 5 year deal and how much money you still have on your mortgage and how long it will take you to pay the rest off.


shame about max 60% LTV (for me, atleast)


I can't find that deal, is it for first time buyers only? We are currently remortgaging from another lender with 56% LTV but it doesn't give it as an option on their website for me.

TSB credit card 20 months 0% on purchases, £20 cashback, plus potential £5/month cashback until June 2018
Found 15th Dec 2017Found 15th Dec 2017
This is another great deal from TSB. The Platinum 20-month purchase card offers: 0% interest for up to 20 months on purchases 0% interest for up to 20 months on balances t… Read more
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Damn, rejected! Don't be like me, check your credit rating via https://clubs.moneysavingexpert.com/creditclub/login BEFORE applying for any credit card to avoid that big, black REJECTED marker on your Credit Rating :-[


The T&C are your friends! "Existing TSB CREDIT CARD customers are not eligible for this offer."


By new customers only for the cash back does it mean for the card or TSB generally, as I have their bank account.


I have never used credit cards before so don't know the catches and gotchas. When I Google it it seems other cards offer longer zero interest purchase plans. Can someone explain why is this a good deal for someone who doesn't know anything about credit cards?


I applied for one of these last time they were offering a promotion, and have been using it for a few months now.... never had any problems, no declined transactions (neither online or in-store), and contactless certainly works fine on mine as I use it all the time.

TSB credit card 28 months 0% on balance transfers, no BT fee, £20 cashback, plus potential £5/month cashback until June 2018​
Found 15th Dec 2017Found 15th Dec 2017
This is a corker of a deal from TSB if you’ve got a balance to transfer. The 28-month Platinum balance transfer card has got it all: 28 months 0% on balance transfers (transfer… Read more
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Yes, it was same for me and confirmed when I received the paperwork - limit was the same and a bit lower than I normally receive when applying for a cc which was a little disappointing. Still, I did some xmas shopping at asda (over £20) and paid that off as soon as it hit the statement to receive the £20 cashback incentive. I've since done a balance transfer for all my xmas shopping with two other cards and will pay that off within the 28 month term. This is a fabulous deal as if TSB pay out the £20 and refund the balance transfer fee, I'll effectively be paid. Happy days!


Can anyone who has applied for this answer whether or not the estimated limit they give you, when you have sent off the application, is accurate?


I think you're confusing the credit card offer with the current account offer. The credit card offers £20 cashback plus limited monthly cashback on spend. The current account deal pays you £5 for using direct debits and your debit card sufficiently. They are two different deals - you could cash in by doing them both.


It says new TSB credit card customers. I assume that means you could have other products with TSB already.


New customer means for the card or to TSB generally ?

Switch for £240 -  £130 Switch Reward PLUS up to £10/mth cashback until June 2018 PLUS 3% interest on £1,500
Found 30th Oct 2017Found 30th Oct 2017
Started today - New customers switching to TSB's Classic Plus via MSE get £130 to switch to it. Plus, there's also up to £10/mth free cash to be claimed. It pays out £5 every mo… Read more

Lol Sorry ure right. I got the wrong end of the stick. The 2 active DD'S must be on the old account


how about term: apply by 4 Dec and fully switch to it including 2+ active direct debits?


Yes. You get the £130 for simply switching


would i still get 130 pounds if I switch from bank account that has no active direct debits, but create new direct debits once the switch is complete?


I noticed that a £1 charity DD had not been paid, even though it was transferred, so contacted them to find out why. They apologised, and offered me £50 compensation!

TSB credit card 0% on balance transfers for 28 months, fee-free, plus potential £5/month cashback
Found 10th Oct 2017Found 10th Oct 2017
Here’s a decent balance transfer deal but TSB has arranged it in a weird way for some reason. The new Platinum 28 Month Balance Transfer Credit Card offers 0% on transfers fo… Read more
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I was thinking AA Credit card are offering 40 months interest free maybe if you pay your loan off is that classified as a purchase Plus do not forget about Quidco or top cash back I got paid £27.50 for applying for it.


I know Virgin money was doing something I can not remember now


I've been rufused both


Look on Martin Lewis Web site And hannah money


HSBC has 32 months and £25 cash back If you have advance you get longer months to pay it back and get £35 Also if you take a loan at 3% and have advance account you get 10% Best to visit their website

Platinum 28 Month Balance Transfer Card With no fee and 1% cashback upto £5 a month on spending. To get cashback you need the current account @ TSB
Found 24th Aug 2017Found 24th Aug 2017
Platinum 28 Month Balance Transfer Card. This card offers you our longest 0% balance transfer period of 28 months with a 0% balance transfer fee*. Consolidate your debts and save m… Read more

And if you're a tsb customer you get cashback but thats on purchases so all in not a bad deal! There is a lloyds and sainsburys cashback offer so you'd actually get some of your balance paid off so worth checking on here or moneysavingexpert


Halifax offer 'up to' 29 months, but may offer only 14 months to some applicants. Sainsbury's and TSB are level pegging after that though, so yea, it's pretty much unbeatable in terms of balance transfer :)


Awesome deal OP, nothing to pay on a BT for 28 mths is pretty much unbeatable, unless someone can find better?


Thanks OP


I agree but on its own 28 months for 0% fee is good if someone is coming to the end of their current deal! And at least this is a loyalty deal and not a new customers only deal with the cashback! So seems fair to me

£50 Cashback when taking a loan out @ TSB
Found 1st Aug 2017Found 1st Aug 2017
Not only the cheapest on the high street at 2.8% for certain amounts borrowed, but from today you get £50 cashback when you take a loan out at TSB. Must hold a classic plus accou… Read more

Just got an mbna for 30 months with £7,400 credit limit why bother paying any apr


It WILL go down on your credit file, so take care.


No, try the loan calculator on the tsb website. You can borrow a lower amount at extortionate APR or borrow £7500 at 2.8% for 1 year minimum. If you need a loan and tsb have the best rates for you then fair enough




Classic plus account necessary should be in the title , otherwise everyone could get it

TSB Platinum: 28 months 0% on balance transfers and NO FEE
Found 7th Jul 2017Found 7th Jul 2017
Hey…. TSB has a great deal on balance transfers at the moment. The Platinum balance transfer card offers: • 0% interest on balance transfers for 28 months • 0% interest on purch… Read more
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Can I transfer money from this card to my current account or just balance transfer to another credit card??


Anyone know if you get the 1% cashback if you make minimum payment (as it's 0% interest on purchases) or do you have to pay in full? I could not see it in the terms and conditions.


Only certain cards offer balance transfer into a bank account so think you are right you would have to pay fee for cash withdrawal and then do not think you would benefit from 0%.


Not sure you can transfer straight into a bank account - only certain cards offer this facility. Most will just do balance transfer from another credit card.


The 'rules' changed a year or two ago. The FCA / FSA told the credit card companies that any payment made must be applied to the most expensive portion of the debt first, so in your scenario the £100 will pay off the £100 spent and not go towards the interest-free £10k.

TSB Customers: Get 1% cashback (max £5/mo cashback) and 0% interest for 20 months credit card
Found 22nd Jun 2017Found 22nd Jun 2017
Sure this isn't as good as the Amex everday / amex platinum cashback cards, but every other Visa / Mastercard with cashback yields no more than 0.5%. This doubles up the cashback… Read more

Worth pointing out that the cashback is only paid up until the end of next June, so max it out and make £60 in cashback.


Spend £500 on your debit card and get nothing back or £500 on this TSB credit card and get £5 back, which is better?


Happy to hear if you have any better ideas? £5 here, £5 there for spending what you would spend anyway and you could end up hundreds of pounds up.


pretty rubbish then. Just a fiver for spending that much. Erm no thanks TSB.


meaning if you spend £500 you get £5 back, if you spend £1000 you get £5 back. If you only spend £10 you get 10p back.

TSB classic plus upto £250 in your first year! Been posted but reminder to switch by 26th June
Found 14th Jun 2017Found 14th Jun 2017
From mse. A reminder that it ends on the 26th June so get switching New customers switching to TSB's Classic Plus* via our link get £130 to switch to it (nowt direct). Plus, there… Read more

It is my main account so, yes, my income went in there (or was transferred across from my old account).


Did you have to pay in £500 within 28 days in order to get the £130?


I received my £130 on August 7th. Considering that I used a MSE link specifically meant for switching, things could have gone smoother. For a start I couldn't just switch I had to open their current account first. Since I was a new customer I had to take ID documents into a branch to be scanned (if you don't drive or take foreign holidays, good luck with that). After emailing me my confirmation of my successful application I then had to wait 3 - 4 days to gain access to my account because they had to post a verification code to me. After that I had to apply to be switched. In the meantime I wanted an overdraft facility so I filled in the online form only to get an error code. I tried again and got the same error. I then phoned in to be told I have to wait 3 - 4 months before applying.


I switched to TSB from Halifax with 2 active direct debits, but forgot to pay in the £500 within 28 days. Probably explains why I haven't had a single penny from them?


TSB are actually horrible, I've made some 35 contactless transactions this month and of course the payments haven't been taken from the account till nigh on 4 or 5 days after the event sometimes over a week, leading to a shortfall between what is showing in your account and what is actually there, twice now I've ended up empty when the account shows over sixty quid and nothing pending and it's just to do you over on paying out the contactless payment, so all this faff switching my account and the incentive to switch was completely pointless.

£130 switching Bonus with TSB Classic Plus Account + Upto £10 cashback each month +3% on the first £1500 in your account
Found 16th May 2017Found 16th May 2017
New customers switching to TSB's Classic Plus now get £130 to switch to it. Plus, there's also up to £10/mth free cash to be claimed. It pays out £5 every month you have two or m… Read more

Only the 3% interest is linked to the paperless statements/correspondence, not the cashback or the bonuses


As far as i'm aware to be eligable for the bonuses and cashback you need to sign up to paperless statements and correspondence.


When I logged in to TSB just now, I got a message saying customers don't qualify for 3% interest if they receive paper statements with this account??? First time I've been told that in 3 months. What the hell?? I just noticed that this is in tiny writing in the terms and conditions. What interest have we actually been getting if not 3% lol?? Also I discussed opening the account in a TSB branch prior to opening it and they didn't tell me this either?? Kind of an important fact to know lol. I'm wondering how many other people here didn't do paperless statements... Also I have still not received ANY £5 payments despite doing everything required. I should have been receiving £10 a month and we are now in month three. Spoke to their customer services - it was like dealing with scam artists - they were purposely unhelpful and full of BS and attitude. They also kept saying things which weren't correct. Not good.


What day did it pay into your account for the DD bonus?


Have had the £5 for 20 transactions in a month and also the 2 DD's.

0% for 28 Months Balance Transfer credit card with 0% Transfer fee @TSB - Joint longest available
Found 11th Apr 2017Found 11th Apr 2017
As described - equal to the Sainsbury's offer 28 Months at 0% on transfers. 0% balance transfer fee within the first 3 months Soft eligibility check available through MSE

Me too. Went on Experian and credit rating at top of the range so tried other one they use and got 5/5 on that so credit rating excellent. Not sure what their criteria is!


Card to card transfer only? Or to a current account?


Got rejected


I don't think I've EVER seen a 0% balance transfer card that will allow you to transfer a balance from another one of their own cards (for obvious reasons).


oops iv just read thr T&Cs its not possible.

2.8% APR Loans @ TSB - also available to 'non-customers'
Found 27th Mar 2017Found 27th Mar 2017
Lowest loan rate available to rival Sainsbury's - though u need a Nectar card to get their rate and not face to face service if that's what u like. Available on loans of £7500 - £… Read more

for me the quotation search says 19.9%apr...hmm....i have a 855 score on experian which is 'fair'


Amazing - get 'free' advice on some of the most important financial advice you'll ever need from a bunch of anonymous people on HUKD! oO


I agree with this. I bank with TSB and applied for this and they offered me a rate of 9.8%. I also have a very high credit rating.


Utter bull! Now trump failed in his 'obamacare' who says the dollar is going up or the pound is going down! Why do you think so called experts always change or update their forecasts! Basically they don't have a clue! Anyone who claims to know is just pie in the sky claptrap


Good point