Tsum Tsum Squishies 5 pack at Tesco

Tsum Tsum Squishies 5 pack at Tesco

Found 11th Dec 2016
Includes 4 squishy Tsum Tsum's and a mystery Tsum Tsum. Also comes with a blue ball key ring that holds four Tsum Tsums.

Shelf price says reduced from £8 to £4. But when scanned it went through as £3.

Loads in Huddersfield Road store.

They also had boxes of the foil bag squishes for 75p. But the 5 for £3 works out cheaper plus you can see the characters you're buying this reducing the risk of too many duplicates.

I ended up buying 8 packs.



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Huddersfield Road, Oldham



Guessing tesco from the link?

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Should expect this to be national as another local Tesco had most of the Tsum Tsum at half price.

I saw these in the clearance section of my local Tesco.

Was still full price in Bury store

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Was still full price in Bury store

Try scanning them.
I also saw the large plush Tsum Tsum toys in the Huddersfield Road Store labelled at £15. But when I scanned them they were coming up at £7.50.


ooh fab

Ye fab, deal

Really good deal heat from me!

Had loads in Beeston, Nottingham today so must be national.
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