@TT Ferrari Cosmo SP Luxe Group 0-1 Car Seat - BlackArgos

@TT Ferrari Cosmo SP Luxe Group 0-1 Car Seat - BlackArgos

Found 31st Aug 2017
I don`t care about voting..just need help BABYYY DUEEEE!!!!
Really don`t know what to choose or what to buy..This one could be used up to 4 years

Any parents over here to recommend me something

argos.co.uk/pro…833 looks great, light and comfy or
argos.co.uk/pro…185 adjustable head support + ADAC Test Rating - 4 Stars. or
argos.co.uk/pro…978 good reviews

The Cuggl Woodlark group 0-1-2 is suitable and is used rearward facing from birth to 10kg and forward facing between 9-25kg in the car. The seat is easy to install in the car and has 5 seat recline positions. There is side impact protection and a full set of cushions for comfort and safety.

Excellent side impact protection.

Individual harness tensioners to ensure that both sides of the harness are tensioned correctly.

Car seat features:

  • Only use in front seat if there is no active air bag.
  • For use with 3 point seat belts.
  • Forward and rear facing.
  • Side impact protection.
  • 5 point harness.
  • Individual harness tensioners.
  • Harness sleeves and quick release buckle.
  • Multi-recline - 5 recline positions.
  • Body support cushions for younger children.
  • Padded seat.

General information:

  • Size H61.5, W44, D54cm.
  • This seat does not convert to a booster seat.
  • Removable washable cover.
  • Weight 6.7kg.
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Buy one where the child can lay flat in and you can have them in a safe position the ones that are like a sitting position are dangerous for babies to stay in. Sometimes we get stuck on motorway hint hint do your home from google
Depends how old your child is!?
And how much money your willing to spend/ how much car travel you do
The links aren't working for me but the adac crash test rated one is what is most important. You need to be sure of its performance in a crash. The min legal limits are quite poor for car seats. Just have to pass at impact of something like 30 mph forward impact and 20 rear impact and no side impact testing unless it's Isize. So you definitely want one that well exceeds the minimum. The adac rating will help. Britax, Maxi cosi, Cybex and besafe well exceed them. Some joie ones do really well in the tests too.

The infant bucket seat with carry handle makes life much easier with a small baby if you use the car a lot. The ones that recline don't recline while driving just when removed from the car to let your baby keep sleeping as they are only meant to be in a car seat for up to two hours at a time. Ours woke instantly when the engine stopped so it wouldn't have been worth it. Depends on the little personality I guess
If buying a toddler sized seat the ones that let you rear face up to age 4 are safer. Do test any seat in your car though no matter what style as how upright they are will depend on the angle of the cars own seat.
Note that not all car seats fit your vehicle type! Only just found this out and my Gd is almost 4.
fijwood6 h, 25 m ago

Depends how old your child is!?

He is due in January

fijwood6 h, 24 m ago

And how much money your willing to spend/ how much car travel you do

Depends how long I can use it..If I can use it up to 4 years, I think I could spend over 200£
Wich one is safer.. the one with ISOFIX system or the one that you put only the seatbealt thru it??
danflorin34 m ago

Wich one is safer.. the one with ISOFIX system or the one that you put …Wich one is safer.. the one with ISOFIX system or the one that you put only the seatbealt thru it??

they are both equally safe as long as installed correctly.

I would recommend you buy a joie rear facing all group one...
We bought a Joie Stages which goes up to about age 8, and has been so good, when baby 2 arrived we bought another one.
I also have a joie every stages car seat. I have been looking at a second seat for my partners car and have found some cheeper mothercare seats, like Britax Römer Evolva 123 but not really convinced.

Might get a second jole all stages
My two pennies worth. We bought into the silver cross travel system, carry cot, pram etc. Same style as your maxi cosi link.The good thing about these are, you can put the baby in the carry cot from the hospital ward and straight into the car or on to the pram, When you get home if the baby is still asleep you can just leave it in the carry cot and bring the carry cot inside. You can't do that with a multi stage carseat, there's much more disruption taking your baby in and out of things. Ours is now 1.5 and is out growing the simplicity car seat/carry cot. We purchased a Joie 360 spin for sole use in my wifes car about 6 months ago (Wife likes it child likes it win win) and I use the simplicity in mine. We have just bought another 360 spin for my car a couple of days ago.

Isofix is just easier to use and less faff over a seat belt but will be more expensive, seat belt has the advantage of being lighter and can be fitted into any car so if grannys car doesn't have isofix or you need a taxi. seat belt is a good option
Thank you everybody so much for all the info
I would say most people outa convenience buy a 'travel system' car seat (hat as people say clicks in n outa car makes life easy) pram blar blar after a year most people change pram for one that fits in there car with shopping and a car seat that stays in the car!! (Ur house is now filled with toys swings jumparoos no room for a car seat too lol!! But do think about this most people don't keep the travel system after a year.
I didn't go mad I had a graco evo with my first, car seat clipped on n in car for early days and I wanted a pushchair to face me but by the time he was one I'd bought a baby jogger (dead easy up down n light to push he still fits in it at5!) and Brittax stay in car seat! Having just had another baby did try flog the graco in between but didn't happen so I'm using it again saving the money so when she's outa sleeping in the car seat (which is soon she's 5.5m and they don't sleep well in em as they get bigger save your money buy a good 123 rear facing like people say!! Gona go look at the jolie myself
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