TTS voices - Free (was £1.29) @ Google Play Store

TTS voices - Free (was £1.29) @ Google Play Store

Found 2nd May 2017
Various Text-To-Speech voices to make your phone or tablet speak to you.

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List of UK English voices:


Full list of free (discounted) and paid (but reduced)
Voxygen - Expressive Speech
-English (UK and US)
-French (France)
-Spanish (Spain)

★ What is it for?
Various ways to use Best-of-Vox voices: voice guidance, E-books and SMS reading, ring tones, alarm clocks, Android accessibility features with Talkback and much more.
Share your messages from the Best-of-Vox application on your preferred social networks: SoundCloud, WhatsApp, Skype, hubiC, Evernote, Drive, etc.

★ How does it work?
The Best-of-Vox application allows you to type or paste text and to have it read out aloud by the voice that you have chosen. You can then save it as a ringtone or share it with your friends on SoundCloud!
From your emails, your Internet browser, or any compatible application, select some text and make your Best-of-Vox voice read it aloud by simply clicking on the “share” menu.

Voxygen offers more than 60 voices in 10 languages, with another 20 voices road-mapped in 10 new languages. Worldwide, Voxygen is the only speech editor able to produce distinctive and multi-expressive voices capable of reflecting true human personalities.
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I tried the Judith one, and it doesn't sound very good.
The witch is amazing. Going to use it for my running app tomorrow for a laugh.
i installed all of the free ones. thanks!!
They all sound pretty crap. I'll stick with the Google one.
Tried some of them. Compared to the default Samsung hi def TTS:

Brownen - bad
Elizabeth - bad
Judith - bad
Witch - bad but interesting. Will run with it for a few days until the novelty wears off.

Thanks OP.

The witch is amazing. Going to use it for my running app tomorrow for a … The witch is amazing. Going to use it for my running app tomorrow for a laugh.

I got her to read Dah Bible and she cackles on some commas and giggles on some fullstops.
The Witch sounds more 'alive' than some priests.

Anyone tried the French TTS Voix Melodie [spell?]
She 'sings' the sentences. I used her French on my English texts.

There is the paid premium sexy sultry Voix Electra and intend to set her teeth on Leviticus.

I thought Judith was great and no popping as reported.
Elisabeth seems to be recommended for reading 'sad' news as Voxygen replied to comments.

can you change the Google maps voice?

can you change the Google maps voice?

1. Head into your system Settings.
2. Tap on Language & input.
3. Scroll to the bottom and tap on Text-to-speech output.
4. Tap the DOWNLOADED / purchased voice and adjust settings.

This will change the voice for all apps as you can't, I'm afraid, to pick one of your choice.
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