Tub of Gingerbread Men 39p and 5 DIY Gingerbread men for 43p @ Tesco instore

Tub of Gingerbread Men 39p and 5 DIY Gingerbread men for 43p @ Tesco instore

Found 13th Aug 2012Made hot 13th Aug 2012
Found in Tesco Victoria (Warwick Way). Probably a misprice so probably also store specific.

A tub of 30 gingerbread men for just 39p and a decorate-your-own kit (with 5 big g/b men, icing and jelly sweets) for 43p. Promo sticker on shelf says 'Better than half-price'. Lots of gingerbread for the price! Scanning through the tills at the low price.


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I picked some up about a week or so ago, I thought it was end of line/store specific so didn't post. Maybe it's not though, so heat added.

the muffin man?...the Muffin Man!!!

How do you get them to bend their legs like in the picture? Every time I do it they break :$

I had to ask the lady in the bakery section for some the other day - she thought they were stopping stocking them but had some packs and gave me 1. Just checked receipt to see if I might have got them for 39p, but I was charged £3! They're only ever around the £1.50 mark normally, so I'll be popping to customer services desk on next trip

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They're dated October, so well worth stocking up! Could even make good birthday filler presents, or great for kids (or adults) birthdays!

will have a look at my local


the muffin man?...the Muffin Man!!!

I only looked in for this comment, if it wasn't here, I was going to post it.

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Confirmed still running and not a misprice. Tesco are trying to get rid of their discontinued bakery stock nationwide.
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