Tube Exits Lite - FREE app for iPhone, very useful for Londoners

Tube Exits Lite - FREE app for iPhone, very useful for Londoners

Found 24th Aug 2009
Found this the other day, and downloaded it. Saved me time travelling.

Use Tube Exits Lite to know exactly which carriage to board to arrive right by your platofrm exit in London Underground's top 12 busiest stations - including the 'Way Out', Tube line interchange, British Rail and DLR.

- Can be accessed anywhere, including anywhere in the underground station, on the platform and in the train.
- Covers every station on the London Underground. (Zones 1-9)
- Platform exit information provided for Way Out, line interchange, British Rail and DLR.
- Journey information provided for single or multiple transfer journeys.
- Users can save their favourite journeys for quick access.
- Get the reverse journey with a single tap.
- Journeys can be edited to add/remove stations or to change the required platform exit.
- Output includes clear train visual showing which Tube carriage to board.

FREE accompanying apps:
1. 'Tube Map' by Bappz, in order to view when offline.
Available for iPhone and iPod Touch. Type 'london tube map' in i-Tunes Store search.

2. 'London Tube Info' by Brfos Studio, helps you to know which lines are closed due to engineering works. Live status.

3. 'London Tube Status' by Malcolm Barclay.

4. 'Tube Boards Free' - displays it like the tube train status boards. Love this one!

For the full version: About the cost of a single zone 1 Tube journey.
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give a good reason for the cold votes, and also expiring this freebie.
1. it's free
2. it's for iphone users in london - if you dont live in london then don't vote
3. i've also added 4 more free apps that helps londoners
4. saves time
haha, this app will probably cut your journey time on average by all of about 10 seconds.
having said that, if i had an iphone i'd probably get it.
10 secs each transfer, and the 'secret' passages away from the slow-moving tourist crowds - on average i can shave a few mins off. have you ever gone to Euston or Bank and seem to walk forever - in a circle, up and down stairs with half a dozen exits too. so if you are going for that all-important meeting (or when there's all these engineering works till the Olympics, you dont want to be waiting for 20 mins for a partly suspended line) all this info is pretty handy. i find the London Tube Boards or Tube Status one very handy when i am deciding whether waiting for which line is faster than waiting for the other.

Tube Boards

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London Tube Status

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Tube Map
it's downloaded to your phone where it's handy.

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