Tubs of Jacobs Treeslets (Cheeselets) and Twiglets  10p instore waitrose

Tubs of Jacobs Treeslets (Cheeselets) and Twiglets 10p instore waitrose

Found 3rd Jan 2015
In Waitrose Comely Bank they had a few of the Jacobs tubes reduced to 10p to clear stock. This is not online as far as I can see.

I assume that like most Waitrose deals it is national but yhey were flying off the shelves.

I have misplaced my receipt but I hope that you trust me.
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Staff member told me today that all branches had to clear all phase 1 Christmas stock by end of today and were allowed to reduce all lines to 10p. By next Saturday its all phase 2 (cheeses, nuts, savouries etc) and then its phase 3 which is all the Heston seasonal stuff.

Ohh! Went to my local Waitrose yesterday and nothing there then but might have a look today. Thanks
That's a years supply for 10p, cool
Wow! Great price, shows just how little supermarkets pay for produce! This isn't really xmas stock either just because it has a reindeer on it! HEAT!!
Thanks for posting. Will check Morningside branch. Got 60 at this price at Sainsbury's last year.
Not in my local
were marked at £1.50 in Horsham today, reduced from £2
Alas no twiglets in Morningisde and Cheeselets still £1.50 on shelf so only one of the Edinburgh shops overstocked.
Still £1.50 in wimborne this morning.
75p at most stores not 10p a one off I think
down to 75p this morning, will hold off till they're 50p
19p in Eaton, Norwich store. Loads on the shelves. Got two of each. Use by end of May.
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